Is my Disk Partition Configuration Preventing Windows 10 Installation? Solved

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    Is my Disk Partition Configuration Preventing Windows 10 Installation?

    I posted a thread here about my Windows 10 installation problems

    Some of the installation log errors are these:

    2015-11-17 10:38:33, Error IBSLIB OSRollbackService::CBootFilesRestoreCheckpoint::Finalize: Failed to backup BCD database from "D:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD" to "C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Rollback\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD".[gle=0x00000006]
    2015-11-17 10:38:33, Error [0x064199] IBSLIB SetCheckpoint(WinPEBootFilesRestoreCheckpoint): threw exception.: class RollbackException: RollbackException: Error(6), CSystemVolumeSelectionCheckpoint: Failed to backup BCD database. void __cdecl OSRollbackService::CBootFilesRestoreCheckpoint::Finalize(const unsigned short *,struct OSRollbackService::ICheckpointParameters *)[gle=0x00000006]
    2015-11-17 10:38:33, Error [0x06418a] IBSLIB RollbackSetCheckpoint(WinPEBootFilesRestoreCheckpoint): threw exception.: class RollbackException: RollbackException: Error(6), CSystemVolumeSelectionCheckpoint: Failed to backup BCD database. void __cdecl OSRollbackService::CCheckpointImpressario::SetCheckpoint(const unsigned short *,struct OSRollbackService::ICheckpointParameters *)

    My laptop partitions are shown below. The DIAGS and WINRE Tools partitions contain Dell diagnostics and are non-standard partitions. Are my laptop partitions (particularly the Dell ones) compatible with the Windows 10 installer and, if not, what do I do to correct the partitions to satisfy the Windows 10 installer?

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    Do you have an image backup of your hard drive? If not I would suggest you create one to an external hard drive using a program like Macrium.

    Once that's done do a clean install, deleting all partitions on the hard drive so it's a completely un-allocated, then click Next. Let the install create the partitions it needs.
    Windows 10 - Clean Install

    Also disconnect everything except mouse, keyboard and display, EVERYTHING. Remove all USB connections and remove any SD cards.
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    A Macrium full backup was the first thing I did. I was hoping to avoid the time taken to reinstall everything by doing a clean install. Are my partitions above OK or likley to case a problem for the W10 installer?
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    As one of our install guru's said to me recently, "Your partition scheme is a mess". I feel the same about yours

    What I did to fix mine was do a full macrium backup of my boot drive, a 250GB SSD.
    Then I did a clean install of Win 10 Threshold 2 build 10586.
    Then I restored just my C: partition.
    The I used Macrium's Fix windows boot problems which shows at top left of the window after a restore to fix the boot sequence.

    After that, it booted perfectly. I ended up with a 16MB unallocated segment and a 1.45GB allocated but unused partition. I used Minitool Partition Wizard to delete them and expand C: to encompass that space.

    Now I have 3 partitions on the drive:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks. I was hoping to avoid the clean install route. Wouldn't it be simpler to wipe the disc, clean install Windows 10 then just reinstall my programs & data? Wouldn't I have to do this anyway if I follow post 4? I think I can now use my Windows 8.1 key to activate Windows 10 - is that correct?
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    I'm curious why so many partitions? Try what Ztruker suggested. And yes back up any files off those partitions before deleting and wiping the drive.
    Years ago I tried partitioning my hard drives and moving my user files to another partition. It just made a big mess. I ended up wiping the whole drive ( backing before I did) and reinstalled windows. This was back in the Win XP days.
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    The difference between Post #4 and your issue, Steve C, is ZTruker already had Windows 10 installed. He used that method just to clean up his hard drive that already had Windows 10 on it.

    You have to do a clean install of Windows 10. You can do a test install by shrinking your C: drive partition by 50gb. Create an empty NTFS 50gb partition in the free space, booting from Windows 10 Install media, select custom install, point it to the new, empty 50gb NTFS partition to install to.

    If that works, then you know that you can repeat the clean install, this time wipe the hard drive by deleting all the partitions after selecting custom install and installing to the great big unallocated space.
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    Thanks to all for your help.

    The problem was a corrupted EFI System Partition. Please see my fix at
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    Just read about 3 Topics started about this issue - and everyone had a different story to tell...
    Guess that is why better to keep it all into one topic...

    Glad you where able to fix it, it yet another topic..
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