Hi geeks.

Certain scenarios which have worked for all Windows versions from Vista to Windows 10 Build 9860 do not work in Build 9879. One example is Shell-Setup > FolderLocations which worked perfectly in build 9860 but fails absolutely every time in build 9879.

Rebooting after Sysprep brings me here:

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No error message, just empty dialog although it clearly is an error (setup freezes, does not continue).

Hitting Enter Windows reboots to this:

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Problem description:
I am quite experienced Sysprep user and know how to read and interpret sysprep logs. When I now boot to recovery options I can see that the folder was created as told in answer file (D:\Profiles instead of C:\Users) and the fail happens only after a successful creation of the folder, indicating that the answer file had no errors:

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I now copy the \Windows\Panther folder content and \Windows\System32\Sysprep folder content to D: which is a separate drive:

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Shutdown, connect the drive with these log files I copied to another computer and open each log, only to see they are either empty or do not contain any errors.

I think the reboot after the first error message, that empty dialog (first screenshot above) somehow has already reset the logs. Any ideas how I could access the correct logs in order to find what caused Sysprep to fail?

Any comments and ideas welcome.