Today I upgraded my test PC from Windows 10 Pro TH1 (build 10240) to Windows 10 Pro TH2 (Build 10586). To avoid any BSOD with old devices, I disabled my Realtek AC'97 card (known to cause problems) in Device Manager and also any unnecessary device such as the SCSI controller. I also disabled completely my Antivirus, so it wouldn't interrupt anything. I then run msconfig and disabled any non-Microsoft process and non-important startup application. I did the upgrade successfully and I could then enable everything back.

First thing to notice was that my custom blue color was changed to a default dark gray. Any customization (Classic Shell, icons, fonts etc) were cancelled and I had to do them again. I also noticed that they even changed the Safe removal icon into a new plain ugly icon, so I had to also modify the stobject.dll file using Customizer God to return to the much nicer familiar green/gray icon. All drivers were replaced and I have to reinstall the OEM drivers to replace unwanted Microsoft generic drivers. All custom security settings in Internet Explorer 11 were return to default and had to do them again. Aero Glass no longer works, waiting for a new version. Aerolite theme is not necessary, the default Aero theme has color window title bars. In medium to dark colors the white text in the window title bar is not very legible, so I changed it from regular to bold using Winaero Tweaker.

After doing the relevant tweaks and changes, I now have the interface the way I like it. One thing I noticed (haven't examined the control panel thoroughly yet) is that in Theme settings we see the old familiar customization control where we can adjust the color, the background, the screensaver and sounds. Unfortunately color is only selected from a preset palette, but we can use the Advanced color shortcut to select our custom color as in build 10240.

Generally, I am satisfied by the new build, I hope I won't come across any incompatibilities.

I just wanted to share my experience with you so if you consider upgrading to TH2 to know what to expect.