Windows 10: Windows 10 install doesn't Solved

  1.    27 Oct 2015 #1

    Windows 10 install doesn't

    I am trying to install Windows 10 on a computer that is running 8.1.
    All checks and prerequ's passed and I finally selected "Install Now".
    Windows 10 downloaded (pretty slow btw.) and then the box rebooted.
    It then slowly counted up to 100% claiming that it would be installing Windows 10.
    After another reboot my previous desktop re-appeared. At first I was astonished
    that everything looked so unmodified until I realized that actually nothing had happened.
    The box is still running 8.1.
    I then restarted the whole process and I did so several times since, but the result remains the same:
    after the second reboot I am back to where I started!

    In the install history I have 5 entries by now stating "Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro: Failed".
    Of course - as usual - the link promising more info re. this error lands nowhere or rather just some generic page that there is no info available on that error. :-(

    How do I force this stupid Windows 10 update to actually do its job?

    BTW: it's certainly not a disk space problem: the system has a 900GB HD with ~400GB still free.
    I had all Win 8.1 patches installed (also all optional ones) and there was no HW issue in
    DeviceManager or anything that would indicate any problem.

    Later addition:
    Meanwhile I also tried the approach using the Media Creation Tool to create a USB-stick with an installation image and start the setup from that. Here also everything first starts as one would expect, but somewhere at around 86% of the installation on gets the enlightening popup "Something happened - Windows 10 Installation has failed.". Another candidate for the error messages hall of shame...
    And - yes - I *had* set the Locale to US-English before attempting the install - one of those useless hints I found on this issue...

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  2. spapakons's Avatar
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       27 Oct 2015 #2

    Have you disabled or uninstalled the Antivirus? It may try to check/block something during the installation and interrupt the process. Also clear the box "Check for Updates during install" to prevent Windows Update messing with drivers/settings before the Upgrade it is complete. For more details see this post.
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  3. Ztruker's Avatar
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       27 Oct 2015 #3

    Before the next attempt, try doing the following (in no particular order after the backup is complete):

    Create an image backup of your existing operating system to an external USB hard drive using a program like Macrium Reflect Free. If you don't have an external drive, get one as they are relatively cheap. A 1TB drive runs $50 to $60. Create the Rescue Disc that allows you to restore a backup if the computer will not boot normally, before you create the image backup so if anything goes wrong, you can recover in 20 to 30 minutes. Don't rely on the Rollback capability in Windows 10 as it doesn't always work.

    Check for updated drivers for your hardware at the manufacturers web site.
    Disconnect everything except mouse, keyboard and display, EVERYTHING!
    If you have more than one drive, disconnect all except the drive you will be upgrading.
    Uninstall your anti-virus if it's other than the built-in Defender.
    Uninstall your firewall if it's other than the built-in Firewall.
    Uninstall any Start button programs like Classic Shell, Start8, also Window Blinds, etc.
    Uninstall any theme modifications.
    If you moved any of your user folders to another drive or partition, move them back.
    See here: Successful upgrade to Windows 10 from 8.1 with 'Users' in other drive!

    If you upgraded from Windows 8 or 8.1 and used EaseUS Partition Manager to change the partition structure, see EightForums for instructions on how to get your recovery partitions sorted, because the upgrade won't work otherwise.

    Run chkdsk /r and let it start and complete on reboot.
    Run sfc /scannow and see if it finds and repairs any system files.

    Now try the upgrade to Windows 10.

    Note: The above is a compilation of things people have done to get the Windows 10 upgrade to work for them. Seems like a lot of work but worth it if it allows you to do the upgrade.
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  4.    28 Oct 2015 #4

    Hi Ztruker and spapkons - thanks for responding.

    Unfortunately, none of the above applies in my case, except of the ClassicShell add-on, which I had already removed before the very first attempt, since I had read about that in some magazine describing possible issues and fixes.

    I later also removed a LanguagePack that I had installed and have reset the Location and Locale to US/English International, but that made no difference: I invariable end in that dreaded "Something happened..." during installation.

    chkdsk and scannow also didn't report anything, either.

    Thus, running out of ideas what else I could try...

    What a disappointment! If this is indicative of what to expect of Windows 10 then: good night!
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  5. spapakons's Avatar
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       28 Oct 2015 #5

    In anything else fails, I'm afraid you have to backup your data and perform a clean-install (format) of Windows 10. Read this post how to do it without having to upgrade first. Yes, I know it is not very convenient, but it is a lot faster than losing countless hours trying to fix a broken installation.
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  6.    29 Oct 2015 #6

    spapakons said: View Post
    In anything else fails, I'm afraid you have to backup your data and perform a clean-install (format) of Windows 10. Read this post how to do it without having to upgrade first. ...
    No way! There is too much stuff and data on that machine, that I have no time to re-install everything - at least not any time soon! If this 10-sucker doesn't install smoothly then I'll rather stick with 8.1 until this machine is replaced somewhen.
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  7. spapakons's Avatar
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       29 Oct 2015 #7

    I know how it feels. I would rather live with some minor issues than make a backup of everything and have to reinstall all the applications. I did that in the past with my previous computer and Windows 7 32-bit, until the disk was damaged and could not boot anymore. I took a full backup then, formatted the disk and reinstalled Windows. It took me almost a week, and I would swear that I forgot some data or application. It would never be the same as the former working state.
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  8.    29 Nov 2015 #8

    For what it's worth - in case someone finds this thread: I finally managed to upgrade my box to Win10! As turned out the \Boot\BCD file on the boot manager partition of my system must have been corrupted, even though my system had always booted OK and even though issuing a "bcdedit" command on the recovery console had only shown valid entries.
    I only realized that nevertheless something must be fishy with that file, when I tried to do a "bcdedit /export <file>" and always got an error message "invalid handle". A tool to visually edit BCD files that I then tried to inspect the file always crashed when opening that file - another indication that something was wrong with that file. So I finally renamed the file and recreated a new BCD file (using "bootrec /RebuildBCD"). That file allowed to be exported and inspected.
    So, after fixing that I gave the Win10 install another try and - fair enough - it worked immediately.

    If only had the upgrade procedure emitted the faintest hint in that direction this would have spared me at least 15hrs of search and experimentation! The guy who dared to write this idiotic error message "something happened" should get fired, if not worse! A big MINUS 10 for this worst Windows update experience ever!
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  9. spapakons's Avatar
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       29 Nov 2015 #9

    I agree. He should be fired, literary, fired in the @ss with very thick salt to feel it harder! Glad you found a solution.
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  10.    30 Nov 2015 #10

    I'm having similar problems - see

    I get the same error as reported in Post 8 - when I try to do a "bcdedit /export <file>" I get an error message "The store export operation has failed. The handle is invalid"

    How do I fix this without screwing up my PC?
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