Windows 10: No boot from menu

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  1.    26 Oct 2015 #1

    No boot from menu

    Hello, I'm on Windows 10 32bit and have made a bootable usb Windows 10 64bit using 'Windows 10 media creation tool.

    My mother board (ms-7788) originally came with Windows 7 and its own bios. I now can't access the original bios and the uefi gives me no boot from option. Tried all methods found through me old friend Google.

    Any help appreciated.
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       26 Oct 2015 #2

    At first screen when you switch on the computer (boot logo or computer status) press ESC 2-3 times (just to make sure it is detected from the computer). You should enter BIOS. Navigate the menus and you should find how to enable the legacy BIOS again. It is called CMS in some other BIOS. Make sure you enable your computer booting from legacy devices and UEFI, not only UEFI. Save settings and exit. Now you should be able to boot from legacy devices. To choose boot device, press F8 at first screen. The hotkeys (ESC for BIOS and F8 for boot selection) may vary, see your Manual, but ESC and F8 are the most common for desktop motherboards.
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    If you have Windows Fast Startup enabled, disable it and try again.
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    Thank you for your responses, I think that I've failed due to a basic mistake. I'm using a usb keyboard! I don't think that it's registering. Doh! I will try and get my hands on one and leave a post indicating the end result.
    in the mean time, is there a way to start the boot from usb process direct in Windows.
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  5.    26 Oct 2015 #5

    Not entirely duh; I was using a USB mouse and USB keyboard on my desktop before buying and using PS/2 mouse and keyboard. I can't remember having post/boot issues. Wait, does it matter that I was and still am using Windows 7 Pro?
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 1803 (April 2018 build 17134.48)
       26 Oct 2015 #6

    Regarding USB mouse and keyboard, some motherboards detect them is DOS mode (BIOS, before Windows load) some not. It depends in the BIOS settings. There is a setting for manually enabling them in pre-Windows environment but I had some cases when they didn't work properly in Windows if enabled in BIOS. Take care.

    Yes, you can start a clean install from Windows. Run Windows Setup from Windows and select Custom Installation (not upgrade). If you are presented with the option to keep your programs and files, select to revise settings and choose a clean install instead. I cannot remember exactly how to do it now, but if you see the on-screen instructions it should be pretty obvious. This will save some files in the disk and restart your computer. Upon restart you can format the disks and clean-install Windows, like you would by booting from the USB or DVD-ROM.
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    If you have UEFI you can do this, If you don't, or you installed in legacy mode, that option will be missing. How old is your motherboard? Most will let you access the BIOS with a USB keyboard. Mine is wireless and I can still get access. Did you turn off Windows fast Startup? If it's enabled your PC doesn't fully shut down, even when you select shut down. It goes into a hybrid sleep mode. That mode is known to make it very hard or even impossible to access the BIOS. You need to boot up from a cold start for that, not a sleep or hibernate mode.
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    Thank you Alphanumeric. I have fast start-up off. Got the pc about 3 years ago running Windows 7 32 bit. Accessed the standard bios back then with no problems. I'm sure I've changed the keyboard since then. I got my Windows10 upgrade a month ago (32bit). Sounds crazy but in first start-up the power lights on other usb items light instantly. On the keyboard it only apeers after Windows kicks in. Off to pick up a cheep ps/2 keyboard tomorrow to clear this up. I hope. Just burnt a DVD in case that tried to boot first. No luck.

    Some things should just be simple!
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    Installing or upgrading to Windows 10 won't make your BIOS UEFI by the way. That's determined during manufacture. If it is UEFI you can install in UEFI or legacy mode, your choice. If its only a legacy BIOS that's all you get. What mode you install in will not change the BIOS menu you see when you access the BIOS. The BIOS is independent of the OS installed. My laptop has a UEFI BIOS and my older desktop PC is only legacy BIOS. I run Windows 10 on both.
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       26 Oct 2015 #10

    Regarding the USB keyboard, it may have to be enabled from BIOS to work in pre-Windows environment, but if you quickly press ESC (most motherboards) or F2 (Asrock motherboards and notebooks) you should be able to enter BIOS and change it if necessary. You have only a few seconds to do that, so you have to be quick. Press ESC 2-3 times at first boot logo (to make sure it is detected).
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