Well the original question was about cloning the SSD not seeing it installed on the new laptop in order to preserve the programs installed on the previous laptop. And no one said anything about backing up "every file" but only what was needed from the drive as far as program files like game saves, documents, photos, etc. that can easily be hand picked for direct transfers once the same programs are installed fresh on the new laptop.

Actually it doesn't even take that long when considering you are never copying the entire Program Files, (x86), and users folders from one drive to the next but singling out certain sub folders where the files are found. As for just programs alone the install time for each is all that would take and no fuss regarding removing one drive already working to put in another drive guaranteed to have issues until cleaned off. That actually defeats the purpose unless the OP decided to see a new clean install of 10 and programs in order to run the SSD on the new laptop replacing the OEM preinstall there.