Not sure if computer is too old to install win10?

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    Not sure if computer is too old to install win10?

    Hi people when trying to install win10 from USB it bought up these errors?
    Reset PC
    Error code 0x0000005D
    0x 20100800
    0x 01

    Checked NX bit is Enabled in bios, but my pc is running win7 ultimate no problems!
    Pentium 4 Extreme 3.73ghz (Supports NX bit under Everest list TICKED)
    3GB DDR2
    GPU HD 6750

    Stumped as I tried this on a G31 MOBO with the same issues, but running a P4 3.00ghz chip with 4GB DDR2

    Do have other laptops with higher dual and quad but only wanted to test it to be fair?
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    Windows 10 Pro

    Hi, see this link How to solve Error 0x0000005D when installing Windows 8. Hope this helps in some way.

    Good luck, werty
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    Thanks Werty enabled the NX execution bit plus my bios is so old no virtualization
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    Windows 10 Pro

    Try to install the 32-bit version, the additional requirements are only for 64-bit windows.
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    I'll give the 32bits a go as both P4's are 64bit's and win7 ultimate runs flawlessly on both.
    Never tried win8 so can't compare?
    I tried DVD rom on both computers and it just won't read the disc.
    The USB booter gets to the blue window screen and I can see the circular working sign, but then nothing..... stuck in a loop as the usb drive does not flash as to say its stuck and not reading.
    Used Wintogo microsoft's software and then used ISO power both sucessfully stuck win10 on DVD and USB, but both computers will either get stuck into a loop or the dvd will cause a reset computer message.
    I might try the laptop next but didnt want it on there.

    This was the image I used! hold on this is the 32bits X86? Correct?
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    Multi-Boot W7_Pro_x64 W8.1_Pro_x64 W10_Pro_x64

    Where did you get that image you are using for the install ?
    It looks like it might be something from a 9860 build ???
    And it's named xxx.esd.bak

    Here is a tutorial by Brink for a clean install:

    There is a link in the tutorial for downloading the ISO used for installing.
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    DavidE said:
    Where did you get that image you are using for the install ?
    It looks like it might be something from a 9860 build ???
    And it's named xxx.esd.bak

    Here is a tutorial by Brink for a clean install:

    There is a link in the tutorial for downloading the ISO used for installing.
    It was from a guy called Murph
    Yes its the latest build, but it was a ESD file so no one could corrupt/alter the files when he uploaded for torrent.
    I de-crypted the files into a working image file and used the usual tools to burn the image.
    I copy'ed the name from the back up esd file that the decryption uses.
    The file for burning was called: JM1_CENA_X86FREV_EN-GB_DV9

    These are the downloaded versions of Windows (10) Technical Preview.
    They are unmodified files. I have added the sha1 trail for the
    versions that I downloaded personally. My own download method did
    not have that filename. The contents of the files are unmodified.

    File List:

    1 - Extract the 4c script to the folder containing the esd files.
    2 - Run admin command prompt and navigate to the esd files' folder.
    3 - Run "decrypt filename.esd" ***
    *** Replace with actual full esd filname. Pro-Tip: Highlight filename
    and then use ctrl-c, then right click on command prompt window and
    select the paste option.

    Credits: qad, abbodi1406, murphy78 - ESD decrypter/script work

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    Multi-Boot W7_Pro_x64 W8.1_Pro_x64 W10_Pro_x64

    Here is a tutorial by Kari for creating an ISO from ESD.
    You might want to compare what you did to this tutorial.
    ESD to ISO - Create Bootable ISO from Windows 10 ESD File

    You could also try Brink's tutorial to install the original Tech Preview version.
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    Having no luck I think the bios settings is the key here, but the only issues other people have are boot security and the NX bit.
    Its already is USB legacy mode it just fails once I get the blue windows screen. Even tried three different versions of win10.X86 64.
    Win to go, refus, Power iso etc...
    Stumpted getting desperate might try win8.1 to see if the same issues if so then it must be hardware or bios related issues I have?
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    Win10 Pro and Home, Win11 Pro and Home, Win7, Linux Mint

    I installed Win10 TP 64-bit on this computer without problems:
    Inspiron 530s Desktop Details | Dell
    It has a P4 2.20GHz CPU and 4GB RAM.
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