Note: I apologize if there's already a thread with the same error and circumstances as mine, I was just unable to find one.

last night I decided to try upgrading my Windows 7 to Windows 10, and had everything go smoothly for most of it. After being directed to input preferences and log into my Microsoft account, I was met with a "just a moment" screen, followed by a BSoD with the error: "IRQL_unexpected_value." After having the system automatically restart itself, I was met with the same gray screen reading "just a moment" with a spinning arrow beneath it. Restarting the computer only leads to it booting directly back into the "just a moment" screen, not the setup menu. Even after giving it a full 10 hours of waiting, the screen didn't change.

Also, I've tried turning off networking in BIOS and removing my network card as well, as I heard that might fix the issue, but no dice.

Anyone have a possible fix for this or a way I can get back to my previous OS partition?