Install on HP 23-N010 fail! :(

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    Install on HP 23-N010 fail! :(

    So after making an image, I decided to make W10 TP the operating system. Got the 64-bit ISO and proceeded to do the install keeping all programs and data, iow an upgrade.

    All proceeded with no errors until the final boot. Then all I get is a blue screen that flashes. Tried powering down and booting same result.

    I had run the 32-bit version in a VM on this machine that worked OK, but wanted to make W10 my daily driver. Fortunately for me all the data that I have is on OneDrive including app data from W8 modern apps.

    Doing a restore with Acronis True Image 2014 and it seems to be proceeding just fine. I'll know how well it went in a little while.

    Once that's done and I've ensured all is good, I'll give the TP another whirl as a virgin and see what happens.

    For info, I've installed the TP on my Surface Pro 1st generation and my ASUS T100TA with no issues at all.
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    Does it reboot into the install or the install media? Take the media out if there's any doubt.

    Can we see a pic of what you see when this happens?

    If it returns to the install and shows any other progress then it might help to boot into Device Manager to disable any erroring Devices to see if install will complete, then update the drivers from the desktop, same as for Device Manager - Access During Windows 7 Installation - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    I'm actually now in more trouble and haven't quite figured out what to do at this point. But I'm frustrated and irritated, so I'm going to leave it all alone for the night.

    Here's where I'm at.

    1. Got W8.1 back on and working fine
    2. Disable Malwarebytes Premium and took the Logitech T650 stuff out of the mix.
    3. Downloaded a new 64-bit ISO and started another upgrade install.
    4. Watched all of it going on and the install gets to the final parts and then flashing screen and often an error with logonui.exe. Never gets past this. And no, can't take a picture as it won't get up enough to do it.

    So I thought 'no big deal do another Acronis restore'. But now the system says the bootable USB stick isn't bootable anymore.

    So I can't boot at all except to somewhere in the final stages on w10 install. Can't boot to get a restore image back on. Hell, can't boot into anything useful at this point.

    Tomorrow's another day. I'll get a CT scan in the morning and then a round of golf. THEN I'll tackle getting this machine back up with something.
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    It might be easier to shrink a partition from C to This worked for me today in 20 minutes after waiting an hour for an Upgrade to putter along and fail.

    Then you have the two side by side to access files from 8, install Programs from your downloads, compare and contrast.
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    I had thought of a dual-boot situation, but frankly at this point I'm not ready to allow W10 to run on this particular HP in any way other than inside a VM.

    /slight rant on
    I come from the Apple world, and recovery on them is nowhere near as convoluted and as much of a PITA as it is with Windows these days. On them you clone the internal drive to an external and if you need to restore, you just boot to the external drive and clone back to the internal. Just easy as pie!
    /slight rant off
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    I followed the directions to create a dual-boot. Yeah!!!! Everything works just fine. thanks for the suggestion and the link.

    A few questions:
    1. Why would I not want to leave the computer with legacy boot vice UEFI??

    2. When I get finished or when W10 ships, how do you go back to a single boot situation?? I've seen nothing on this.

    Again, thanks for the dual-boot suggestion, it really worked well and the HP likes it!! :)
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    UEFI offers some benefits that I'd try it first if you reinstall but wouldn't reinstall just for that. Legacy is there if you have installation problems you don't want to get too deeply into though we can normally always get it installed to UEFI.

    How to get rid of Dual Boot depends on where the System flag is. If you'll post a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image - Windows 7 Help Forums we can tell you what's needed and even make adjustments now so the OS you will want to jettison can merely be deleted in Disk Mgmt.
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    Thanks for the info on UEFI. I can just turn it on or off as needed it seems. The only time I need to turn it off is when I want to do boot a USB stick for some things.

    The irritating part is that each mfg decides just how they want you to do that. No consistency for the most part.

    And I've now read a few articles that have told me exactly how to do it. Basically edit the windows boot manager and then do pretty much anything I want to with the partition. Simpler than I had thought it turns out.
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    Sometimes it's more enabling Compatibility Mode (CSM) than disabling UEFI. Then boot instlation media as Legacy instead of its UEFI version listed.

    More about the difference:
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    I want to re-open this thread in hopes someone can offer some suggestions.

    If I try to upgrade the existing W8.1 install on this HP AIO desktop, it won't do it as documented at the beginning of the thread.

    But a virgin install on a dual-boot installation works just fine up to this latest build of W10. I did have to get some drivers and such but all works fine on that.

    So I started looking at what the HP default installation is doing that is different, and here's a few things I found.

    1. In tasks, launcher.exe is loading about 5 or 6 things, most from Pokki. In my search on the internet I can't find much in the way of really good info about this and why or why not to have it there.
    2. HP has plenty of of Cyberdrive (?) stuff on the machine with some auto loads going on too. What's the downside of not having those apps there besides the most obvious ones of not doing whatever those apps allow for?
    3. Bunch of HP stuff of course. One about fingerprinting which isn't supported as far as I can tell, on this particular machine.

    I could and might start getting rid of lots of this to see if I can get it to do an upgrade, I do have a good image to restore to, but if someone can suggest, or has seen issues with some of this stuff not being there, I would appreciate some feedback.
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