Activation loss after BIOS update

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  1.    26 Sep 2015 #11

    Rocky said: View Post
    I have never updated my BIOS. I have read so much against it that I am thinking that it is not a good idea. I have an Asus Z-97 A motherboard and it works just fine.
    Exactly. If it's isn't broken don't fix it.
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  2.    26 Sep 2015 #12

    ram1220 said: View Post
    Exactly. If it's isn't broken don't fix it.
    But if it isn't broken, then why would the manufacturer put out an update?
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  3. Cliff S's Avatar
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       26 Sep 2015 #13

    NavyLCDR said: View Post
    But if it isn't broken, then why would the manufacturer put out an update?
    To accommodate for new hardware that comes out on the market, such as the new USB Type-C connector.
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  4.    26 Sep 2015 #14

    Cliff S said: View Post
    I just updated my BIOS a couple weeks ago with no negative effects, it was for the PC in my specs and 4 versions higher, extra for Windows 10.
    Just a bit more information for you
    Thats promising thanks Cliff.

    The argument "If it ain't broke don't fix it" doesn't mean anything to me, I see updating as a possible enhancement. If you buy a house and there is nothing wrong with it do you refuse to renovate just because it was fine as it is? Who knows what value a renovation may bring.
    I have a friend at a software development company that works on enhancing software they develop. There was an apple update a year ago that we discussed, the conversation was about what they had improved or fixed in the update or at least what apple agreed to expose about the update. My friend then went on to tell me how often updates are put out for things so as people don't experience a potential catastrophe, meaning so that people don't find major screwups that hadn't yet been discovered by the general user. He said only 75% of whats really in the box is ever disclosed.
    So a BIOS update tells me it was written for a new piece of hardware compatability that I may never own but it fails to mention the part that says "OH and we discovered that on the 1/1/2028 your Motherboard will turn into a Decepticon and take over the planet, we fixed that too shhhh"

    In short, I only update after researching that no problems were experienced by others, I don't go in blindly.

    NavyLCDR said: View Post
    A failed activation won't push anything to Microsoft activation servers. That's also why people who have attempted to install the wrong version of Windows 10 and get an activation failure can go back and install the correct version and it will activate.
    Thanks for your information Navy I wasn't aware of that. I did speak to someone earlier that had the BIOS broke activation issue, he said it stole 12 hours out of his life. I for one am very interested in this issue as I really am starting to like 10. It's not so much a child needing constant supervision, the only thing with it that bothers me is the conspiracy based and factual concerns about Data mining.
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       27 Sep 2015 #15

    I, like antspants, always update to a new BIOS when it's released. Never had a problem.

    It sort of goes against the "If it ain't broke don't fix it" philosophy I normally follow, but ...
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  6.    27 Sep 2015 #16

    All my computers have the latest BIOS. I've never had an issue updating either.
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  7.    27 Sep 2015 #17

    I've never had an issue updating either.
    Then, you folks are lucky! I only had ONE issue updating, but it put me off routinely updating the BIOS. I had a Gigabyte board for which they were putting out updates every few weeks. Even though I'd never run into a BIOS-update-related problem before (like you folks), I always took the precaution of saving off the current BIOS before I did an update.

    And ... it's a good thing I did! Because the next update seriously corrupted my system BIOS -- so much so that the board only remained stable for a few minutes before crashing. Fortunately (1) I had the saved BIOS to restore, and (2) the system would stay up long enough to restore the older, working, BIOS.

    That was the LAST BIOS update that Gigabyte put out for that board, and when I went back later to look for a newer version, that version had been removed.

    So, like I advise folks to do an image backup of their Win7 OS BEFORE they do a Win10 Upgrade, I also advise folks AGAINST doing BIOS updates routinely. Just because it hasn't failed before, doesn't mean it can't fail in the future.
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       27 Sep 2015 #18

    NavyLCDR said: View Post
    All my computers have the latest BIOS. I've never had an issue updating either.
    ditto !........................................ except I dont update BIOS too often or * unless it's a fix applicable to my configuratiion * if it's otherwise working.

    looks like Mark P. has some valuable input as well .

    OTOH outside of my usuall practice I updated two boxes ( BIOS ) here with Aug.and Sept. 2015 BIOS revisions in case they had something for win 10 before the RTM upgrades here last wk.

    Nothing new for *this box* that has 10547and RTM on it .
    I updated this BIOS earlier maybe in 2014 though there was a relevant issue setting error codes before the BIOS and Chipset drivers I updated . .

    I've heard something can go wrong on any given BIOS flash I just havent seen it (here) though but re flashing or re setting a CMOS is no big deal if you have a traditional lagacy Bios and hopefully a copy of your old BIOS if the new BIOS flash blows up .
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       28 Sep 2015 #19

    Mark, very true. I'm sure I'll get burned at some point. I think I'm hooked on the little thrill I feel when I tell a BIOS update to OK, do it to it.

    I should look into how I can backup the current BIOS/UEFI code before updating as I don't remember being offered the opportunity to backup first.
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