Following a guide in another forum, I was able in the past to install Windows 8 in an old Pentium 4 system without NX/PAE support. I'm not going to go into details here, but the process involved extracting the installation files from install.wim to a hard disk and patch certain files to bypass compliance check. One of them is ntoskrnl.exe. I was wondering if this is possible with Windows 10. So I followed the guide and managed to install Windows 10 to a VMWare virtual machine (I didn't have a real machine available). Yes, Windows 10 work, so at least in theory it should also work on a real machine. The problem is that in every startup I get a BSOD that ntoskrln.exe digital dignature cannot be verified or similar. I already tried to enable test mode and ignore signatures, as well as disable Windows Defender, but the problem persists! In order to load Windows I have each time to press F8 to get into advanced startup options and then select 7 to ignore driver signing. How can I disable system file check at startup so I don't get this message? Any ideas? Before you rush to say "why bother", I answer "for the challenge, because I can".