I bit the bullet and upgraded my old Dell Latitude D830 from Win 7 to Win 10 on 9/11/15.

I was surprised that I could actually get it to install, but all looked good after the install. I don't like how it looks like MS stripped out/hid some UI features, but oh well.

However, I jumped the gun and deleted my old Win 7 install using the disk cleaner and I made the mistake of running some cleaners on the new install for one of the two user profiles I have on the computer. (I forgot it takes a bit for utility vendors to get their code caught up for the new OS.) It looks like I do not have a restore point for the time frame I need, either. I need to restore to 9/11, earliest I have is 9/12.

Anyway, my current situation is this:

(1) my home user profile is mangled... no start menu access, no edge icon, and no calculator icon. (no modern apps) Calc says I need a new app when I try to load it via Run box. Also, getting install prompts when loading MSOffice 2007 apps. However, my work user profile is ok... start menu is ok, edge and calc are accessible, and no MSOffice install prompts.

I have tried to run the Powershell script to reinstall the apps... it does not solve this. I thought I might be able to copy files from the ok work user profile to the bad home profile, but when I created a new user profile as a test, the new profile was also missing start menu, edge, and calc. So it looks like something in the default files/settings has gotten mangled.

I have looked through the registry a bit, but I am not sure what keys I should be looking at for this to find problems.

(2) I also have a problem with sound. It looks like the SigmaTel audio driver I have been running forever, even in Win7, is clashing with Win10. I know I have sound since I get a boot notification sound, and occasional muted/garbled sounds, but basically sound is broken after Win10 install.

Much thanks for any suggestions!