Hi, it's over a month since I updated to Win 10, so Windows.old has been duly deleted.

I happened to do a SHIFT restart, and in the Advanced Options, noted an option sthg like
'Revert to previous build'

Well, if Windows.old was still there, I could understand that.. ideas? Does it perhaps prompt for clean installation of e.g. Win 8-8.1?

The second really weird one is this.
In Win 8.1 I used Brink's info to add an option to boot to Win 8.1 Pro Safe Mode. So I had sthg like
Win 8.1 Pro
Win 8.1 Pro Safe Mode
as my boot options. Fine.

When I updated to Win 10, I had
Win 10 Pro
Win 8.1 Pro Safe Mode
- which kind of looked, well, interesting but understandable, I guess. (In practice it was Win 10 Safe Mode of course).

Well, imagine my suprise when yesterday I saw this:
Win 8.1 Pro
Win 8.1 Pro Safe Mode

Anyway, I used Easybcdeditor to change the text to Win 10.
But how could the first line have changed back to Win 8.1?