Windows 10 auto-updated on my laptop when I spent two days out of town. Now my computer is running 10 times slower! It takes 10 minutes for my apps and programs to open, and I'm constantly getting error messages about files not responding and freezing up. I'm also getting "not responding" messages in other browsers, too.

I cannot get most programs to open from the Start menu now. I have to go the file location, double click and wait forever (up to 10 minutes) for the program to show up. It does not show that it is doing ANYTHING in the mean time.

I did not have any issues with my laptop before with running 8. I can't spend hours waiting for something to open, and I constantly have to close and reopen due to freeze ups. If I click on File Explorer, it takes forever to open, and when it does finally open, I get the spinning circle when I navigate where I need to go. When I click on a file, it says, "not responding." VERY frustrated!

What do I need to do?