No not always. I showed you examples form my machine and they were different form your machine, so the answer is the GUIDs will be different on every machine.

This is why you need to read more about boot code. I'm not going to be able to provide proper instruction. I asked why you're doing this and didn't get an answer, so I'll bow out at this point. You have a start, not sure what you're doing, but you have a start.

The GUIDs are created when the boot store is created and have no reference outside of that store. The external references might be different on machines as well (I might boot from D: which is the 5th partition on drive 4) that would be different from C:, right?

I think you're looking for an answer that can't be answered.

A GUID always identifies an object - the GUID will be different on different machines.
Walk down the BCD you have and match the labels in each object to the GUIDs throughout that store.

You can compare it to your live BCD store

bcdedit /v /enum all > %TEMP%\bcdLive.txt

That's all I have, good luck.