UEFI + GPT + CSM-disabled = NO! Any Info For Me?

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    UEFI + GPT + CSM-disabled = NO! Any Info For Me?

    This will be hard to keep brief, but...I have an ASRock B550 Pro4, Radeon RX 6600, trying to go full UEFI mode after 10-15 years of it being the "thing", and it still causes me nothing but grief. Resize Bar requires it for example.

    With CSM = disabled and all my drives GPT:

    1. The "BIOS"/UEFI is in 1920x1080, no problem.
    2. Windows 10 install/setup goes to 800x600 (basically unusable, dialogs are off screen) and cannot be changed all the way up until I install the graphics driver.
    3. Booting into Macrium via Ventoy created GPT or MBR usb (in UEFI mode, not BIOS) full of ISOs to make backups is in 800x600 only...unless...
    4. I boot the exact same Macrium ISO from a burned CDROM, then it's in 1920x1080 only. And this is Windows PE, so why the @#$% can't the Windows install do this?
    5. Booting a live Linux ISO from the same Ventoy created USB results in 1920x1080, no problem.
    6. Installing Linux on a GPT drive puts GRUB on the wrong drive (The Windows drive's EFI partition), not the Linux drive's EFI partition, no matter how careful I am to tell it not to, which makes the the two drives dependent on each other. NO!

    Using CSM = enabled and MBR for everything and NONE of this happens and booting the Ventoy USB to Macrium, I can select from a full list of resolutions, not just the one grayed out. Everything is/can go to 1920x1080 and everything works as it should. But no Resize Bar.

    EDIT: I later learned that using a much older BIOS/UEFI for my main board fixes the wonky resolution issue. Guess the newer firmware is just crap. AsRock B550 Pro4 BIOS v2.10 from 2021/8/5 is good, but all the newer versions up to v3.40, not so much.
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    I didn't understand in what we can help you on.

    I suggest you build the USB Win 10 22h2 installation drive using MCT

    Reset BIOS or load defaults.
    Set Disk mode to AHCI, not RAID
    Select OS mode = UEFI or Windows 10 (depends on BIOS)
    Disable fast boot and secure boot (you can turn it on after installation)

    Windows can be installed in two ways: Legacy-MBR or UEFI-GPT
    To install as Legacy-MBR you must boot the installation drive as Legacy
    To install as UEFI-GPT you must boot the installation drive as UEFI.

    As you have a UEFI BIOS, you should install as UEFI-GPT
    Detach any other drives (SATA or Power cable) from the MB.

    During POST, press F12(?) to launch the boot menu. You will see two options for the USB drive. USB UEFI (Name) and USB (Name). Select USB UEFI (Name) if you want to install as UEFI-GPT or select USB (name) if you want to install as Legacy-MBR.
    Go to install and delete ALL partitions on the main drive till you have one and only one unallocated space and then proceed.
    If you don't want to use MS account, don't enable updates or connect to the internet during installation.
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    Megahertz said:
    I didn't understand in what we can help you on.
    Understandable, I am not sure anyone can help. I know all the other stuff you mentioned, and I did boot everything in UEFI mode (the old BIOS modes are gone with CSM=disabled) the problem is it just doesn't work well...unless I use the old "BIOS" + MBR disk compatibility modes. If CSM=disabled, full UEFI mode with GPT style disks, I get all the problems with 800x600 resolution only and boot files getting put on the wrong disks, etc.

    I guess I was just looking for a last ditch effort to see if there was some bios/uefi setting I am missing. It is set to CSM=disabled, secure boot, fast boot, TPM also disabled. Maybe that is why? Turning those on just causes even more trouble though, especially with Linux.

    Thanks for the reply, but don't sweat it. I'll just put it back to "BIOS/MBR" mode and forget about Resize Bar. It's not worth the PITA. I guess my mainboard or the graphics card itself is just wonky with UEFI firmware or something.
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