I was (over the telephone) attempting to assist someone rolling their Compaq Presario CQ57 back from 10 Pro x64 to 8.1 Pro. The upgrade was done on 8/18, so well within the 30 day window.

Using the standard roll back option from the recovery menu, we get an error that states that any newly created user accounts must be deleted before the roll back can be complted (in this case, it references that original account, we'll call it "Jane"). No new user accounts were created, only the original "Jane" user account exists. The original account was a Local account, we attempted to make a microsoft account, that did not help issue.

We backed up Jane, and then activated the hidden admin account. Logged in as Admin, we then deleted the "Jane" account, and attempted the roll back once again. This time it tells us that the new Admin account must be deleted before we can roll back. I also cleared out all temporary accounts that were in the User folder. Windows.old was not deleted and still present during this whole time.

Running with Admin as the user gave numerous errors, such as Edge not working at all, and system restore being diabled. This was a big issue, as, after this failure, we attempted a system restore to before we began this process (I was smart enough to create a restore point), but, because running with the Admin account disabled system restore, all the restore points were deleted, once Volume Shadow Copy was re-enabled, system restore was available (but, the restore points were gone.)

I left her last night, doing a system refresh, and told her I'd call back today. From what I understand, the refresh will not roll back to factory, but back to a clean install of 10.

Has anyone encountered an issue like this, and found a way to roll back, or, is she stuck with 10, unless she does a clean install via disc of 8.1?