Is My OptiPlex 360 Doomed For Good?

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    Windows 10

    if its the Celeron or Pentium variant then yeah its going to be slow if its a core 2 duo variant then its old and slow still but still capable for windows 10.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Forgive the 'obvious' question...

    - did this PC EVER run Win 10 faster than it does now?

    (Sadly posters so rarely give the history behind the question).
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    Windows 11
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    It Has A 250gb HDD But However, Older Versions Of Windows 10 Run The Same Speed As Windows 8.1, Meaning That Those Are The Only Good Versions Available Even The 1507 Version
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    Windows 11 Pro (latest update ... forever anal)

    OldLinuxDistros said:
    It Has A 250gb HDD But However, Older Versions Of Windows 10 Run The Same Speed As Windows 8.1
    Of course it will, this is only to be expected whilst ever you insist on leaving the HDD as the drive. It's not even worth considering or discussing any further until you're prepared to replace the HDD with an SSD and clean install Windows 10/11.

    The current setup is frustrating and fruitless and not worth any further time or effort.
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    Windows 10

    I am not a DELL fan, but you have a pretty decent machine and I wish you the best. Just do the math before purchasing anything
    for upgrading or updating.

    1. I am going to assume this is more or less in the same range of the ThinkCentre tower I use. Being it was made for Windows 7
    why not look for the latest and so called "greatest" Windows 7 version and install that. But do not fret you can still go the Windows 10 ( or Windows 11 route ...roll eyes ).

    2. If it is 64-bit processor then your in luck, beyond that I would checkout which other processors you could install. Might be
    cheaper for you but you should read because even the most Power-house Processor can be power consuming and heat making
    so do your reading/research first. You should also consider updating the thermal-paste/heatsink/fan if heating levels go above
    a certain amount. "Hardware monitor" program you could download to see the temp and current wattage is being used.

    3. Congratulations your computer has a PCIe x16 slot. Which means you could install anything that fits in that slot
    bare in mind your system might not utilize all the powers of the card you install but it will breath new life into your computer.
    This will do the most work of your system considering the processor currently installed. Based on how powerful might be able to play recent games. I just installed a recent brand new game and wow it $#$@ works, 3d and all, but of course they made it to conform to windows 7 standard, even if I am using W10. Not all programs will run because of the i5,i7,i9 standards. Again your programs/apps are not running because of your processor sucks but because the programmers suck and literally ignored your processor type. However there are programmers who knows this bs and will make sure whatever application/program will run on your processor type. Again your machine should have a changeable PCie X16 slot. Go ahead buy yourself that $200 to $2000 up to date graphics card and checkout some ____ that will use it's GPU processing power over CPU.

    4. Most important thing ( to buy ) is the SSD. I recommend Samsung pro brands. No regular HD for your machine. Why?
    I am currently running W10 on a regular hard-drive, and while it is the fastest 6400rpm ( or whatever ) speed it is slow
    in comparison to any of my SSD installations. Same with OSX, MOS9, and even WXP, and W9x machines. It breaths new life
    into the machine, and make run with next to no drop in speeds ( as with those data transfer graphs ). Just remember SSD
    have a limited number of read and writes but SSD are not the same as Flash-Cards technology so do not worry for now. Also
    regular HD are great for long term storage due to recovery options. SSD if something is deleted it is most likely gone for good.
    Again you need SSD for Windows 10, 11, OSX, Linux, or just about anything nowadays as the Bootable Operating system.

    5. About memory upgrades? Your stuck at 4Gigs of ram even if your operating system has the ability to go 256Gigs. You can
    relocate scratch-disks to use an second internal SSD drive as disc caching space. I have mine setup so all temp folders use that, along with memory options.

    B. You could purchase acting RAM on the PCI slots if you have room, and then relocate scratch discs to those, or install a drive
    via the PCI slot. In China ( yes we are going there ) they have some SATA add on slots via PCI but this is limited to XP SP3.
    So unless your a programmer who does not mind messing with drivers might not be in option for you. I was thinking about
    downgrading to XP 64-bit just to get it to work, as I use it as a server for the household.

    6. If you purchase more stuff and install more materials you will need

    A. PSU ( Power Supply Unit ) to pull all this extra stuff. Like a 900W or 1800W that has multiple wiring. Should not cost that much.
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    Windows 10

    Decent machine? like 15 years ago decent.

    Malneb said:
    if its the Celeron or Pentium variant then yeah its going to be slow if its a core 2 duo variant then its old and slow still but still capable for windows 10.
    Not hating because i like old computers and core 2 duo can still do stuff but computers from this generation are blown out the water, if you can get platform towards the end of that run that is hybrid ddr3 even better.

    Reminds me of someone i worked with that was trying to contest with me about DVI not being to old like it was a recent standard almost lol. Well he was wrong its 22 years old give or take and came out not long after voddoo2.

    Sorry not being rash but just calling it. The computer is going to be slow unless its core 2 variant and even then core 2 by today's standards its not even a blip on the radar.

    Yes these will be slow especially the Pentium and Celeron variants the later two really only make good use case machines not good for everyday workloads anymore unless you really know how to work them or can put up with the slowness.
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