Windows 10 & XP dual boot. Best way?

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  1.    02 Sep 2015 #41

    I'm confused then. The VM has it's own hardware specs, borrowing pretty much part of your current processor. What I was trying to get to is this. If you had a very old USB printer that wasn't supported under Windows 10, then you won't be able to use it in a VM with XP. If a device, such as a USB flash drive, scanner, printer, etc has Windows 10 drivers so the main/host system can use it, then the VM software will allow you to make that hardware available to the XP virtual machine.

    You mentioned it in a previous post, so that's why I asked. The VM software, such as VMWare Player or VirtualBox all have virtual hardware that's compatible with the OS you choose to install as a virtual machine.

    I say it often, but dual-booting is dead. If you want to maintain an XP computer, virtualization is the way to go.
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  2.    02 Sep 2015 #42

    I don't know whether some of the hardware is supported by Windows 10 or not - the printer is very new, so it will be. The (music) keyboard is plug-and-play USB as far as I recall... Better I have a look when I get back in a couple of days - I haven't been to the UK since last year and I can't recall exactly what hardware I need to connect.

    I can only but give it a go and see what happens. I can ask again here if I come across any problems. Perhaps in a new thread.. Thanks.
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  3.    02 Sep 2015 #43

    OK, just realised one thing. My PC is Windows 7 Home Premium, so although I have an iso for Windows 10 Pro, I guess it won't let me install it? (Any way to do that, short of paying the $99?). I am not installing any other version of Windows 10 as I do not want my updates to run automatically for a start, so I may well stick with Windows 7 and try to install XP via VM with that...
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  4.    02 Sep 2015 #44

    martinlest said: View Post
    Thanks, but please read the previous posts, we've been through all that.
    It's really great you're trying to help people help you. <sarcasm>

    Before my 1st post in this thread, I read the thread and didn't see a explanation why virtualization won't/doesn't work. So I ask again, why can't you run whatever you want/need to run in XP via virtualization (Hyper-V or VirtualBox).

    I guess my point didn't come through last time. It doesn't make sense (I could say non-sensical, nonsense, silly, stupid, you can pick) to dual-boot W10/WXP if you haven't tried virtualization 1st. And from what you've written so far, you haven't tried virtualization first and are snide and rude to those who are trying to suggest it and help.
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  5.    02 Sep 2015 #45

    Thank you so much for your timely reminder of what good manners are. I am clearly an awful ingrate and feel so ashamed of myself; your helpful post was very much appreciated.

    Now that is "<sarcasm>".... Easy to see why it's dubbed 'the lowest form of wit', isn't it?

    Nothing snide or rude there. It was perfectly polite, with a 'please' and a 'thanks' and a smile emoticon at the end so that folks would realise the fact. I am always grateful for people's replies and always careful to say so. If you really don't like me, and think I am rude or snide, please just refrain from trying to help me... 'cos I am not at all like you accuse me of being.

    I have said a number of times (if you really read what folks write here, rather than trying to score "I am holier than thou" points off me) that I will try the virtual route. The funny thing is, the very last thing I wrote was "I may well stick with Windows 7 and try to install XP via VM with that".. Sorry, but you clearly aren't reading what is already written here before replying.
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  6.    02 Sep 2015 #46

    One thing (I have only browsed the use manual for VM Player briefly so far) - when you install new software, how do you choose whether it goes into the host or the 'guest' O/S? Thanks.
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       02 Sep 2015 #47

    If you install software from within the VM, it will be installed on the VM. If you install it from within the Host, it will install on the host. I hope I made myself clear. If not, please ask again.
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  8.    02 Sep 2015 #48

    I think that is clear! Thanks. I'll give it a go as soon as I can. Now I have decided to keep Windows 7 Home Premium rather than go over to a version of Windows 10 other than 'pro', I can install and try out VMware Player far sooner...
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       03 Sep 2015 #49

    See if this makes it a little easier

    just remember when you allocate resources to the virtual machine, it takes it away from the host. The more resources you give it, the better it will perform. However, you can't give it so many resources that the Host machine will suffer a lot.
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  10.    03 Sep 2015 #50

    Thanks! All your own work too.. nice.

    I haven't watched it through yet (saved it to my hard drive) - I guess the same procedure is basically OK for Windows 7. (Of course, I am an 'intruder' here now, as I am not going to change from Win7 to Win10 - unless I decide to pay the $99 upgrade to the pro version, which is unlikely I think - but I won't start this topic over on the Windows 87 forum; there will be lots of threads there already no doubt).
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