Help needed - need clean install after messing up w recovery drive

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    Help needed - need clean install after messing up w recovery drive

    I got in a bad situation and really need help. My Windows version atm is 22H2 but i might still try to update or reinstall....

    Today I received my new/refurbed Dell XPS 15 9560 with Win10Pro, but it was in Swedish. I tried to change it to English but it changed only partially. Eventually the reset hanged itself showing both languages where I'd choose the region and time zone and went in a loop. I did a desperate and incredibly dumb move and recovered the Windows using my recovery usb stick. My usb stick however has a Win10Home edition and it is a recovery disc for my dead Asus.
    Now I have given my Dell an identity disorder, because he thinks he is an Asus. Dell's system shows that it is my dead Asus model in Settings > About > Device Specifications. Question No 1) How can I change that? Is it possible to change?

    I have tried to do clean reinstall of Windows from the internet, but I get the same Asus version. Additionally, plenty of hardware in Device Manager arent recognized and have no drivers. Windows is full of Asus bloatware. I might need to try update BIOS because i get "BIOS reporting failed" (GetChargeIsStatus returns false) error. This Windows version is heavily tweaked for Asus, and Im worried it probably works at a disadvantage for my Dell. Question no 2) Is there a way I can get a clean install of Windows? Online maybe?? That would really save it. And if there is no way, can I clean it? How bad can Asus version be for Dell?

    Meanwhile Windows stands as activated with a digital license. I went into registry and wrote the key down, just in case. But I dont know if it is the license for WinPRO(Dell-Swedish), or for WinHome(DeadAsus). I assume Asus. Question no3) Will my license stop working if I have "moved" the windows from one laptop to another? Like if I would manage to get a clean Windows install and a correct model name for my Dell? My guess is maybe not, since my Asus is very dead. Or?

    I have an option to send it back to the store to Netherlands (I dont know if they can/would be fixing this in distance), but I really am pressed financially and timewise, I need this laptop to work on... Please help if you can??? I just want a clean English version of Windows. I believe that my WinProfessional edition has disappeared together with its key once I did the usb recovery. It could be that the Windows key is embedded on the mainboard, and this laptop is quite easy to open, but what good it does if i still cant download Windows Pro as all I get is this darned Asus version..
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    If you get the free ISO from ms boot from it and delete all partition and leave the disk blank and let windows create new partition it should work
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    you can download the official media for your model from dell

    service tag is under the little flap in the center on the back of the machine
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    SIW2 gave you a good tip..
    best is use the built in recovery image from bios boot F key... the question is if your original recovery partition on the computer is still intact.. if it is you can use it.. either thru F key (i dont remember what dell uses if it is F2, F9 or F11, but the manual will tell that)
    If the F key connection is broken.. as if you install another operating system or something.. if the recovery partition is still intact then you can open the disk manager.. then right click on the Recovery Partition and set it to "Active" then reboot the computer and it will boot directly in to the OEM recovery program,
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    I dont know if it has a recovery partition.

    right click on the Recovery Partition and set it to "Active"
    that is only for mbr disks.

    the 15 9560 he has is 7th gen and probably gpt disk. For gpt disks, it is usually accessed vis a bcd entry on the esp partition.

    there is direct link to recovery/installation media for that machine, but it is 2019. Maybe the dell recovery tool will offer something more recent.
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    So ofc I went for the advice from SIW2. I didnt even know this was possible

    But something is wrong / weird... A BIOS update ran which might have been caused by Dell's freshly made recovery usb, but when I try to reboot with USB pressing F12 it keeps telling me boot device isnt found or failed. Also the usb stick is showing as disc D and disc E. Maybe I need to try to make the usb anew.. The laptop boots from the sdd so it must be the usb disc or can it be something is wrong with bios too?..
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    Try unplug the usb. turn machine off . plug in usb stick. start machine tapping f12. select the uefi usb entry from the menu.

    also see if you still have the iso

    Help needed - need clean install after messing up w recovery drive-dell-cloud-rec-9-.jpg
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    Im trying to make the usb drive anew. The recovery tool app has divided my usb drive into two usb drives, one 2gb and one 13gb, and i have formatted them but cant join them back together. Could be one reason why i cant make a new recovery drive.. i really have some sort of unlucky day today. might need i gotta go buy new usb in the morning and try again
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    Just make yor own.

    you could use usb7ice to create the bootable usb.

    I have had a look, it will fit on a single fat32 partition

    Help needed - need clean install after messing up w recovery drive-dell-iso-contents.jpg

    Help needed - need clean install after messing up w recovery drive-dell-downloaded-iso-sha256-hash.jpg
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