NavyLCDR said:
Why wait? Going 100% Linux will also stop you Windows 11 "banner ads". And it will also "stick it" to MS now because they will have to subtract 3 or 4 or so computers from their market share of computers with Windows on them. By staying on Windows for the next 2 years you are only encouraging MS.
I am already 100% Linux on my laptops, I only keep one Windows machine around for gaming, iTunes, and Photoshop. I need those programs for various reasons. I do not want the spyware/adware pretending to be an OS which is Windows 11. Windows 10 Pro works really well for what I use it for, and it is good enough for me. I have my WIndows 10 really locked down, and have no need for Windows 11. Right now I do "Daddy Tech Support" for two Macbooks, two Intel NUCs, three Windows laptops, a Windows Desktop, and four Linux laptops. I also do not want to have a Microsoft account, I want a local account, I also do not want to have to have an active webcam to load the OS, nor have it so locked down I cannot make it mine. I tried Windows 11 and it was not for me.