seems like i always am asking questions here but thanks to 2 people on this forum (Megahertz and Ghot) i was able to choose a Ryzen 7 5700x as it has a lower TDP of a lovely 65w so i know thats a cpu for me without jumping to DDR5 which i have no need for at the moment or can i afford
so what im looking to do is change my Ryzen 7 1700x as it will not accept any overclock atall, i did post about my memory before and tried what was advised but saddly after 2 days it repeated the issues i was having so its happy at 2666mhz
i did memory tests and nothing is bad, also had a IT friend of mine check my memory and he found no issues running the DOCP 3200mhz and was able to run it at 3600 stable,

what i plan to do budget wise is this -
i would like to get a B550 board but before i do that im saving for a RX 6800xt Sapphire Nitro+ SE
i know its over kill but im trying to be future proof as i may get a 4k at some point so that will cover that, Ray Tracing i dont care much for so it seems a better choice, once i have that i plan on getting the 5700x ryzen and aparntly it will work in my b450 board, now thats all well and good :) but i did promise my cpu to my partner so seems better to give her my B450 an keep the lower clocks as she isnt a gamer but is thinking of using blender so the more cores i hear would be better than the i5 3000 somthing she has.

so what im asking is is this a decent route? i know im going to bottleneck it like a smeg on my 1700 but i do have a path and wanted to know if its a decent path, i plan to do alot of VR gaming with my Logitec G920