Windows 10: Dual Boot Win7 & Win10

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    Just a quick note about data drives,
    I usually would not leave a data drive always connected mostly because of possible corruption from viruses....
    But I did transfer a few files to 10tp on one and disconnected it after full shut down of 10,
    Then a day or so later reconnected it on win-7 and 7 wanted to scan it for errors commonly caused by not disconnecting it properly so the message said in 7,
    So it seems 10 does not release drives so nicely even on complete shut down
    Like I said nothing was important on the drive I simply cleaned it in command prompt
    But it was a bit concerning you might be cautious of,

    I wouldn't put dual booting in the same context as with other os's you've done in the past,

    There has also been bricking of hdd's with some of the quick start stuff 10 uses
    So disabling hibernation might also be a thing to consider
    And recheck the setting after a build update,
    I lost one hdd because it reset hibernation after jumping to 9926 from 9879,
    Fun of testing,
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    stealth2920 said: View Post
    I have all drives auto backed up weekly, but if I don't have to deal with any boot issues then I would rather not. I assume then I can disconnect the other drives and clean install Win 10 on my new blank SSD. Once installed I can hook the other drives up correct? On a reboot will I get the screen for dual boot to select the OS? I did this long ago with Win 8 but forgot how I got the dual boot screen showing Win 7 and Win 8. Thanks for all the assistance.
    Here are my steps for dual booting:

    • Create a system image - store it on an external drive

    • Disconnect from the Internet and stay disconnected - part of the install asks about connecting
      - do NOT connect just yet.

    • Create the space for the 2nd OS.
      This is tricky - drives initialized as MBR can only have 4 partitions (an extended partition allows for more),
      many OEMs create 4 primary parts and you have to adjust their disk schema.

      Post a Disk Management screen shot
      Close the left and right panes
      The columns should also be stretched to clearly show the values, most important is the Status column
      If you have many drives, you might have to adjust the middle separator and drag the bottom edge of the window down to show the maximum information.
      Then in the View menu, pick Top and change it to disk list - no need to post a pic - just note the initialized format (MBR | GPT) and post the information.

    • Unless the 2nd OS will be used on a daily basis, keep the space to a minimum.
      Win10 + pgms on my machine takes up about 15 GB.
      I don't use Win10TP as my main OS - that's Win8.1, so data isn't a concern.
      30 - 50 GB is more than sufficient.

    • Once the space is available - take your time here - there are traps with MBR disks.
      If your disk is initialized GPT, no problem - easy! But... MBR - make sure you know what you're doing.
      Just free up enough unallocated space,
      -> do not create a partition and do not format the space.

    • When you're ready to install Win10, use a disc to avoid EFI issues.

      1. Boot to the Win10 install disc (see your machine documentation on accessing the Boot Order menu at startup)

        These steps are probably NOT necessary, it was an afterthought when I installed Win10 the 3rd time as a dual boot to Vista. That is when I noticed the Win10 page file on my Vista boot drive - which caused Vista a bit of a problem (temporary page file created - yada, yada, yada) - I recreated the Win10 page file on it's own partition and then reallocated the Vista page file for good measure.

        At the first Win10 install screen, Press Shift+F10
        Then enter these commands in the Console window

        ^^ denotes comment, not a command
        Launch Diskpart
        lis vol

        ^^ remove the drive letters from all drives
        ^^ it's easier if you disconnect external drives that aren't needed for this exercise.

        sel vol #
        remove letter=
        ^^ specify the letter that was shown for that volume in the lis vol command
        ^^ repeat this (select volume, remove letter=) until there are no volumes with letters shown in lis vol
        lis vol
        close the Command prompt with the X in the upper right hand corner

        You should be back in the Win10 install now.

      2. Answer the questions as if you were doing a clean installation (language, region, etc)

      3. Choose a custom install
        When it asks you where you want to install, choose the unallocated space
        Let the install complete, the rest should be easy.

    When Win10 boots up, you shouldn't see any other drives - this is good.
    Configure the volumes for each OS - I suggest that you keep the two OSes separate, only expose the volumes you need to for each OS. Your Win7 should see everything except the Win10 volumes. Your Win10 should only see volumes you'll use in testing (i.e. what ever you create on the currently new and blank SSD).
    If you need data from your existing Win7 install, it's probably better to copy what you need than to expose your good data to Tech Preview code.

    When Win7 boots up, you will see the Win10 drive - remove the letter from that drive. Keep your system separate.

    If at any step above you need some help, please ask ... you might have to wait, please wait. The hardest thing to do is wait and the easiest thing to do is "ooops, but I thought you meant...."

    I think I remembered all of the steps I took - but... I'm human too
    Last edited by Slartybart; 10 Mar 2015 at 23:38.
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    Sounds great. Thanks for all the info.
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       10 Mar 2015 #54

    If you'd like a fun read check out these
    I couldn't make heads or tails out of this one
    This one was my bricking,
    Expect the unexpected :)
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    ThrashZone said: View Post
    If you'd like a fun read check out these
    I couldn't make heads or tails out of this one
    This one was my bricking,
    Expect the unexpected :)
    A lot of thrill seekers skipped reading this :)
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    Well failing to boot is quite different than bricking a hdd
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    I'm baffled! I don't remember ever doing all of this.
    I've never unplugged other drives.
    How is the boot loader supposed to create a sequence if the other OS is missing?
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    ThrashZone said: View Post
    Well failing to boot is quite different than bricking a hdd
    Nothing against you sir. I am just saying in general. :)
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       10 Mar 2015 #59

    I know I was just funning :)
    @Edwin that's the point the best boot loader is a disconnected from betaware bootloader
    Beside these builds are best I've found to clean install every one of them and not upgrade via updates.
    At least for me being a caveman

    Besides I get rid of them pretty quickly me being very superficial
    I will only hang onto a build for a couple of days before getting rid of it.
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    Edwin said: View Post
    I'm baffled! I don't remember ever doing all of this.
    I've never unplugged other drives.
    How is the boot loader supposed to create a sequence if the other OS is missing?
    I only suggested disconnecting external drives to make it easier to remove drive letters. Why remove drive letters?
    This should prevent the install from using them for other purposes (page file?). I forget if it remembers that the drive letters are not assigned when you startup windows the first time or if you have to remove them again in Windows.

    As long as the other OS drive is connected the Install will enumerate the boot - it doesn't care about drive letters.

    If it turns out that Windows does NOT remember that the other drives are not assigned letters, I will just remove that as an extraneous step. I don't want to go through the exercise now bcz there will be a new release soon and I'll be doing this all again.

    Having just written that, stealth2920 might want to wait for the next drop - I would.

    But there's that shiny new SSD just sitting there waiting! Let it wait for the next release - no sense putting 9926 only to have it updated a few days or a week later. You could - your system has everything it needs except the install media

    9926 Insider Pro edition: Download Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO - Microsoft Windows

    9926 TechNet Enterprise edition: Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview | TechNet Evaluation Center

    You should sign up for the Insider pgm and you have to sign-in for the TechNet evaluation pgm.

    Burn it to disc to avoid the UEFI issues on flash drive install media (FAT32 formatting, not NTFS)

    By the time Windows Update brings the install up-to-date, it will probably offer the next release - but I'm being optimistic because I have March 12th in the pool for the next drop
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