Windows 10: Almost FORCED to upgrade 7 to 10 ??? NO!!! Help me stop this!!!

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  1. glnz's Avatar
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       29 Aug 2015 #1

    Almost FORCED to upgrade 7 to 10 ??? NO!!! Help me stop this!!!

    In my Win 7 Pro 64-bit, I just saw the following entry in Windows Logs - System:

    "Installation Ready: The following updates are downloaded and ready for installation. This computer is currently scheduled to install these updates on ‎Saturday, ‎August ‎29, ‎2015 at 5:32 PM:
    - Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro"
    No !!! Don't want to leave Win 7 !!!

    So I immediately went to my Installed Updates and UNinstalled the only recent update, which was Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3077715), which was supposed to be only "August 2015 cumulative time zone update for Windows operating systems". Well, maybe it was, and something else triggered the Win 10 upgrade entry??

    I am now past the 5:32pm upgrade time and it hasn't happened yet, but I'm scared!! What should I do to prevent the upgrade ???

    Help! It's prowling around upstairs and I need help!!

    PS - My PC is currently dual-booting Win 7 (which I want to save from this monster) and Win 10 (because I upgraded my 8.1 to 10), of course with different partitions on the hard drive. Is it something about the dual-booting with 10 that is infecting my 7?
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  2. XweAponX's Avatar
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       29 Aug 2015 #2

    You can delete the system folders that contain the installer, that'll stop it. They are off your C drive, they look like left-over folders from an update. Delete all folders that start with $WINDOWS, there should be two folders.
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  3. glnz's Avatar
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    Dual-boot Win 7 & 10, both Pro 64-bit
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       29 Aug 2015 #3

    XweAponX - You are right! But I have only one $Windows folder, with the name "$Windows.~BT" It was created at 5:33pm, very close to the threatened 5:32pm. The stuff inside sort of looks like it's the upgrade.

    So, should I delete it, or rename it to "Almost killed me"?

    And where's the other one?

    Many thanks!
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  4.    29 Aug 2015 #4

    Generally, you should stop doing things, of which you do not really know, what they actually do.

    You should now do the following:
    - Install the timezone fix again.
    - If you want to disable the download of the upgrade, you can follow this guide: How to stop the Windows 10 Upgrade from downloading on your system | Windows 10 content from SuperSite for Windows The according upgrade is KB3035583
    - If you want to disable the upgrade notifications, you can folow this guide: Disabling the Windows 10 Upgrade Notification | Windows 10 content from SuperSite for Windows
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  5. glnz's Avatar
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       29 Aug 2015 #5

    Joergi - Thanks, but KB3035583 is NOT installed and is not showing anywhere. It is also NOT in my hidden list.

    So today's new Windows Logs - System notation that there would be an upgrade was a big surprise. I would not have found it except that I was going through all Event Viewer-type entries to see if I'd managed to clean up my Win 7 OS enough to really start using it.

    Also, I did a search for GWX and have only a Log entry from a while back - no active GWX folders or files.

    Since I don't have KB3035583, should I follow XweAponX's suggestion and delete that $Windows.~BT folder?
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  6.    29 Aug 2015 #6

    I ran the Disable_Get_Windows_10.reg batch file from the linked thread and that fixed my PC:
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  7. glnz's Avatar
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    Dual-boot Win 7 & 10, both Pro 64-bit
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       29 Aug 2015 #7

    XweAponX's advice has worked this time.
    See also
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  8. AddRAM's Avatar
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       30 Aug 2015 #8

    I have been posting the list of updates not to install if you do not Windows 10, at, it`s on my Windows 7 drive (unplugged right now) I`m sure others will list the updates that have to be uninstalled, then when they pop up again in windows update, you have to right click on each update and hide it, we have been going over this for nearly a year now.

    Or you can browse Sevenforums to find a thread with the list, Good Luck :)

    If the above advice worked, then don`t worry about it.

    Also, there is nothing infecting your 7 install, you yourself had to install the Windows 10 updates and started the process, it does not do it by itself.
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  9.    30 Aug 2015 #9

    Here are the updates to remove/hide in both Windows 7 and 8/8.1:

    • KB 3035583 - According to Microsoft, this update enables "additional capabilities for Windows Update notifications when new updates are available".
    • KB 2952664 - Labeled a compatibility upgrade for upgrading Windows 7, its purpose is to "make improvements to the current operating system in order to ease the upgrade experience to the latest version of Windows".
    • KB 2976978 - A compatibility update for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 which "performs diagnostics on the Windows system [..] to determine whether compatibility issues may be encountered when the latest Windows operating system is installed.
    • KB 3021917 - Does the same as KB 2976978 but on Windows 7.

    Those are the updates currently provided by Microsoft. Microsoft notes that users should not remove or block the updates 3044374 and 2990214 as they are used for Windows Update functionality and not only to upgrade to Windows 10.

    Those are the only ones you need to get rid of, I've seen much longer lists but when you actually examine the updates they aren't just Windows 10 related and have other features/fixes that might be relevant for your system.
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  10. glnz's Avatar
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       30 Aug 2015 #10

    xtcrefugee - Did NOT have kb 3035583, but I had kb2952664 and just now uninstalled it. Good list - thanks.

    EDIT - PROBLEM - kb2952664 has now re-installed itself twice on bootup. And I've set Windows Update to "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them".

    Even worse, KB2952664 is already in my "hidden" list.

    How can I stop this?
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