Has anyone experienced a similar problem (many did but it was with other languages and all were solved as posts I have see) when Chinese is the only language a Windows 10 converted Onda v975w is ready to work with?

My Onda worked well in English (and other languages if needed) under Windows 8.1. Sometimes a Chinese words appeared - especially if some errors in the system were made - but all was fine again after restarting. And then I upgraded into Windows 10. I could not follow exactly what was happening during the upgrade sine, yes, all the comments were in Chinese. Since then most of the display I see is in Chinese.

I do not read or understand Chinese, so the tablet is hardly usable now. I can activate some functions when they have enough English words as my Display language is still English . But what is called "Welcome screen and systems account" display language is Chinese. Only Chinese.

I tried to change the "Region and language setting - copy in Windows 10" following Kari's post of 27 January 2015 but it did not work. I have noticed that when making V in "Welcome screen and system accounts" box under "Welcome screen and new users account settings" does change the writing of the "Welcome screen display language" from chinese writing of Chinese language to be ENGLISH, but that disappears when I make "OK" or other activity trying to change the account (I have two), and is back Chinese in chinese characters.

Of course all this I do when activating chinese titles as if they all were in English. It seems that in most of the cases the method works.

Does anybody - Kari? - have an idea what and how to do to solve the problem?