Win 7 to Win 10 Upgrade Failure

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    Win 7 Ultimate

    Win 7 to Win 10 Upgrade Failure

    Hello All,

    First post.

    Been trying to upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro, with no success, and have reached the end of my limited knowledge. I’m receiving the typical C19000101-40017 Windows 10 couldn’t be installed message.

    When Microsoft was officially giving away the free update I did do the update successfully, to retain the ability to update in the future when I was ready. I uninstalled that update and everything went smooth.

    I don’t want to do a clean install.

    I’ve attempted the update directly with the Media Creation Tool and downloading the ISO and burning to CD and/or USB with no luck. Receive the same failures with all methods I’ve tried. I even downloaded the ISO file of the version of Win 10 I installed back when and still no luck.

    All external accessories besides the mouse/keyboard disconnected, firewall/antivirus disabled, clean boot, uninstalling programs, etc.

    Per an article I found online, I’ve checked the “compatdata” file in the Panther directory and am getting 3 driver packages that look to be preventing the update.

    Two of the OEM files listed, point to .inf files for the Windows XPS service/viewer, which is strange since I have it disabled/unchecked in the “turn windows features on/off” of the programs and features section.

    The other OEM file points to “inspect.inf -- Comodo NDIS LWF Driver”. I have no idea how/why this is there as I haven’t installed anything from Comodo but I’m not smart enough to figure out where this driver/file is and what to do about it. Same thing for those .inf files that point to XPS.

    Below is the section for the driver packages from the “compatdata” file.

    <DriverPackage HasSignedBinaries="True" BlockMigration="False" Inf="oem183.inf"/>
    <DriverPackage HasSignedBinaries="True" BlockMigration="False" Inf="oem160.inf"/>
    <DriverPackage HasSignedBinaries="False" BlockMigration="True" Inf="oem79.inf"/>
    <DriverPackage HasSignedBinaries="True" BlockMigration="False" Inf="oem41.inf"/>
    <DriverPackage HasSignedBinaries="True" BlockMigration="False" Inf="oem42.inf"/>
    <DriverPackage HasSignedBinaries="True" BlockMigration="False" Inf="oem49.inf"/>
    <DriverPackage HasSignedBinaries="True" BlockMigration="False" Inf="oem181.inf"/>
    <DriverPackage HasSignedBinaries="True" BlockMigration="False" Inf="oem65.inf"/>
    <DriverPackage HasSignedBinaries="False" BlockMigration="True" Inf="oem0.inf"/>
    <DriverPackage HasSignedBinaries="False" BlockMigration="True" Inf="oem1.inf"/>
    <DriverPackage HasSignedBinaries="True" BlockMigration="False" Inf="oem175.inf"/>

    At this point my limited computer abilities have been exhausted so I’m turning to the experts for help….

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  2. steve108's Avatar
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    danohall hello and welcome to tenforums ,

    If you use a 3rd party firewall, VPN, or antivirus - you must uninstall them before trying to upgrade - disabling may not be good enough.

    I would make sure all drivers and BIOS are up to date from PC manufacturer website.

    Check your installed apps to see if anything Comodo related shows up - then uninstall it.
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    19041.1466 - 2004/20H1 Pro x64

    DriverView: Loaded Windows Drivers List

    See if this helps figure out what driver files are that you are seeing. Check related apps from the link too.
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    19041.1466 - 2004/20H1 Pro x64
       #4 this may also help you get to the bottom of the failure reasons
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    Win 7 Ultimate
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    All previous anti-virus programs (Norton) have been uninstalled. I used Norton Power Eraser back when I uninstalled it. Mobo is fairly old and the BIOS and drivers have been updated for years. Nothing related to Comodo shows up anywhere on my system. I did just find a couple entries in the registry with the name Comodo. Deleted them.

    Ran setupdiag and pasting the results below. Not sure how to read it but it does say "Error: Found unsigned driver related boot failure."

    I deleted my "Machine Name" below so you can ignore it.

    Matching Profile found: UnsignedDriverBootFailure - CD270AA4-C044-4A22-886A-F34EF2E79469
    SetupDiag version: 1.6.2107.27002
    System Information:
    Machine Name =
    Manufacturer = Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
    Model = Z87X-D3H
    HostOSArchitecture = 1033
    FirmwareType = PCAT
    BiosReleaseDate = 20140825000000.000000+000
    BiosVendor = BIOS Date: 08/25/14 15:45:56 Ver: 04.06.05
    BiosVersion = F9
    HostOSVersion = 6.1.7601
    HostOSBuildString = 7601.24545.amd64fre.win7sp1_ldr_escrow.200102-1707
    TargetOSBuildString = 10.0.19041.900 (vb_release_svc_prod3.210311-1736)
    HostOSLanguageId =
    HostOSEdition = Ultimate
    RegisteredAV = Microsoft Security Essentials
    FilterDrivers = FileInfo
    UpgradeStartTime = 10/27/2021 6:16:33 PM
    UpgradeEndTime = 10/27/2021 6:37:23 PM
    UpgradeElapsedTime = 00:20:50
    CV = DcyRA8kChkaw4sVh
    ReportId = 8726eb31-2f11-449c-b1b4-ead8b64f1ae2

    Error: Found unsigned driver related boot failure.
    Last Phase: FirstBoot,End.
    FatalErrorStatus: -1073740760
    WinLoadErrorCode: 1
    For help finding unsigned drivers see the follow blog entry: Verify if System Files and Drivers are Digitally Signed in Windows
    To remove unsigned drivers via Device Manager: Using Device Manager to Uninstall Devices and Driver Packages - Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs
    To remove unsigned drivers via admin cmd prompt: Using Device Manager to Uninstall Devices and Driver Packages - Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs
    To fix corrupted system files:

    Last Setup Phase:
    Phase Name: Post First Boot
    Phase Started: 10/27/2021 6:36:26 PM
    Phase Ended: 10/27/2021 6:37:22 PM
    Phase Time Delta: 00:00:56
    Completed Successfully? True

    Last Setup Operation:
    Operation Name: Ensure suspended services are stopped
    Operation Started: 10/27/2021 6:37:22 PM
    Operation Ended: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM
    Operation Time Delta: 0:00:00:00.0000000
    Completed Successfully? False
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    Did you put those links in the above reply about finding unsigned drivers, etc? Have you tried finding the unsigned driver with the link?
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    Your initial error number given approximately is typical of a driver-related issue,- failure to migrate.

    You will need to inspect the upgrade logs for clues- try searching for, yes, driver.

    Then you can uninstall the appropriate program.
    @Tekkie Boy
    - here's another for you.
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    A Z87X-D3H isn't very old. I had Win10 installed without issue.
    A upgrade is never a good solution, specially on a 8 year old computer.
    I suggest you do a data backup on an external drive and do a clean install.
    When asked for a key, insert the Win 7 key you have used on the Win 7 installation.
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    Win 7 Ultimate
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    So I ran the driver view program. Going to try and attach the results. Sorted it to show the four unknow files at the top but other than that, I don't know what info is useful or not. Hopefully the file comes through in a readable format. Thanks.
    Win 7 to Win 10 Upgrade Failure Attached Files
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    Win 10

    Please upload the package created with the SetupDiag Tool on

    Instructions for the wetransfer website you can find there:

    Repair install for win 10 failing
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