Upgrade advice sought, please

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    Windows 10 (Home Ed.)

    Upgrade advice sought, please

    I'd appreciate some help with this please, before I start spending money! I am looking to upgrade my current PC (rather than replace it). I use it exclusively to run X-Plane 11 and associated programmes but, especially now I often 'fly' in VR with an Oculus Quest 2 headset (amazing!), it is not really up to the job any longer, especially in respect of the RAM installed, which has a tendency to run out (and so crashing the sim). These are the current specs and my ideas for what needs to be changed:

    M/B: Asus H97I-PLUS: This does not support more than 16GBs, so a new one will be necessary (any suggestions given the info below?). I need as many USB3 slots as possible and at least one USB-C port (extra card probably): I have a lot of devices attached.

    GPU: nVidia GTX1070 8GB VRAM: I don't think upgrading that is necessary

    RAM: Probably go to 64GB.. Is 4x16 or 2x32 the better choice?

    CPU: i7-4790K: This clearly needs upgrading. In X-Plane, the more cores the better. I don't want automatically to go for the 'top of the range' (by the time it's fitted, it wouldn't be any longer anyway!). I need to think of the match with the GPU - I wouldn't want the CPU to be so far above the performance of the GPU that the latter creates a timings bottleneck. I am tending towards the Intel i9-9900X. Is that a reasonable choice (cheaper than the i9-10900, and more than adequte for what I need I think) and a suitable pairing with the GTX1070?

    NH-L12 heatsink: Would that still be good with the above CPU? Works very well with the i7-4790

    Drives & booting: I have three Evo 860 SSDs, all to be retained, no HDDs. One of course contains the O/S: in fact the PC dual boots Windows 10 Pro x64 (default) and Windows 7 Home x64. I set that up some years ago with EasyBCD (and I use NeoSmart iReboot in the System Tray). Although I no longer use Windows 7, I'd like to keep the dual boot.. if anything should happen to one O/S I like the idea of still being able to boot up without external help. However, as Windows 7 Home does not support more than 16GBs of RAM (is that right?), would it have to be upgraded to Windows 10? What happens if you try to boot into Windows 7 Home with over 16GBs of RAM present? If it won't boot, that's one thing. If it just wouldn't use more than 16GBs, then maybe it can just be left as it is. All data on the three SSDs needs to remain intact.

    Many thanks for reading this far (and for any advice you may have).

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    Just an observation, changing things in an older computer or build usually results in a new m/b, new CPU it supports and new RAM to match. In my experience that boils down to being a new computer since the 3 main components are being changed, not an upgrade of any one of them. Another thought, since Win11 is due out next month it may take a bit of study to determine if the parts needed, or a new computer, will meet those specs. But then Win10 is to have support until Oct. 2025. I have a cache started as I will need both a Desktop and a Notebook, all mine are too old unless the announced requirements get changed going forward.
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    Thanks Yes, this would in essence be a new PC, I agree.

    Maybe need to check that the new M/B would be compatible with Windows 11, but I think all the other components are OK for if and when the O/S changed (I wouldn't change from Windows 10 until forced to do so! I came kicking and screaming from Windows 7 by X-Plane's Vulkan requirements).

    Maybe the current Windows 7 partition could go to Windows 11 (via 10)?? Would need to see how to do that with EasyBCD.. I'd be very likely to stop the PC booting altogether!
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    This page about memory by Microsoft doesn't show Win11 but I'd assume it will be at least what Win10 can do. Personally I like double or more what Windows specs call for, 16GB on my Desktops and whatever maximum a Notebook can do [most have only 2 slots] which usually is 4GB or 8GB up until a few years ago but upper-end machines allow more. But then I come from MS-DOS 5 and Windows 3.1 of early '92 when 4MB wasn't enough for an 8 to 10 page in WordPerfect without off-loading to the swap file or just plain crashing.

    Oops, link didn't paste.

    Also, the changing of an m/b and or CPU alters the memory type required, my lastest use DDR3, older ones have DDR2 [don't have any DDR on hand now] but newer things need DDR4 or maybe DDR5 [if available]. That's one area can't make much change in, other types than required won't fit.
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    I presume that you mean an I9-9900k. The I9-9900x existed (it's discontinued) but it was an LGA 2066 CPU. Expensive stuff. The 9900k is LGA 1151. (Incompatible with your LGA 1150 motherboard.)

    An I9-9900k requires a motherboard with a 300 series chipset. The high end boards uses the Z390, but there are many other 300 series chips.

    You'll need to switch to DDR4 RAM. The motherboard will support dual channel RAM, so your best choice is 2 DIMMs. There is no performance advantage to using 4, and it puts more stress on compatibility.

    The H97I-PLUS is a mini ITX board. Do you need another one? That'll limit your choices. You'd have more options with microATX or full sized ATX.
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    Windows 10 (Home Ed.)
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    Yes bobkn, as I say, I will need to change the M/B (which only supports 16GB RAM). Thanks for the clarification re. the CPU.
    Re. RAM.. will probably be looking to have 64GB..
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    64 GB will cost a lot of money
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    Windows 10 (Home Ed.)
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    It's not THAT much more than 32GBs (i.e considerably less than double). We'll see..
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    I put 64GB of RAM (2x32GB DDR4 2667) into my latest hardware refresh last month for around US$200. Not that bad, IMO.
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    As was said, you are basically building a new system. My two cents... Keep the old system and pickup a new system! Having another computer around really comes in handy. PCPARTPICKER is great for custom builds. "DIY" The bottom line would be... Is your wallet Fat! Or Thin...
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