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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Verson 1909 build 18363.418
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    Hello Megahertz... Thank you for your message and thoughts on my issue.

    I cannot answer your question. My initial installation was version 1607. That was self updated by Windows Update to version 1703. From then on, I never received any updated from Windows Update for any other versions or feature updates. Everything worked well and I never questioned the situation. I have not installed any software to block auto updates.

    How come the Windows 10 Version 1703 wasn't self updated?
    Did you install any kind of Update manager to block auto updates?

    For what I can see, it seems that you have a Update manager and is seen by 1909 as a update restriction and explain "the update will not work consistent with the settings of my organization".
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    Megahertz said:
    I have moved C:\Users to D:\Users and I have been able to in place upgrade without any problem.

    Read my post# 7

    How to Restore Files from Windows.old Folder in Windows 10

    Well, that's good to know.


    Maybe it's just Kaspersky.
    That is in the directions in the Ten Forums tutorial.
    3rd party AV, firewall or encryption software, needs to be disabled.

    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade
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    nitram said:
    Hello ignatzatsonic... thank you for your reply to my earlier post. I apologise for my rambling message earler.

    Yes, you are correct. I was able to restore my original 2017 image to the new 860 drive and I can boot and run the pc with that drive OK. The "phantom organization" is not showing on the activation and there are no startup messages.I have not tried to use windows update on this drive yet. It would be my preference to use the 850 drive as it has the most current versions of programs and information on it. If that is not possible in my situation, I will be forced to rebuild the pc from a new clean install.
    Why would you be "forced" into a clean install and a total re-installation and re-configuration of both Windows and all programs?

    You say the 850 "has the most current versions of programs and information on it."

    I'll assume that is true.

    I'd further assume that updating the programs (including Windows) and "information" (whatever that might be) would certainly be quicker and easier than a clean install.

    All you would have done is switch hard drives. Nothing else.

    That's one of Macrium's purposes.....transferring a system intact from this drive to that drive.

    Why not take advantage of it?

    I guess I'm still not understanding the attraction to the older hard drive and the reluctance to use Macrium.

    Maybe you can further enlighten me.
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    Win 10 Home ♦♦♦19045.3031 (x64) [22H2]

    I also, notice you used a USB flash drive to do the In-Place Upgrade.
    Again... the directions say to just download the ISO to your desktop, right click it and choose mount.

    I'm one of those people that reads the directions, and then follows them. Those directions I posted are from the tutorial, just... compressed.


    I also use backup software (Macrium) religiously. With current backups, you can do almost anything to Windows 10...and if it breaks... just restore from a backup.
    Sometimes, I'll make 3-4 backups a month, depending on what I'm doing.

    Microsoft Tuesday coming... I make a backup. Going to try some weird program, I make a backup... etc.

    I try to keep the amount of data on the C:\ drive low, so the backups are fast.
    Right now, I have 36GB on the C:\ drive and my backups take about 2.5 minutes. Only takes two minutes to restore.
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    Hello ignatzatsonic.. I will try to clarify for you.

    This is not a reticence to use Macrium. I have used Macrium for the last 5 years. I trust it completely and use it on the other pcs in my house. Through my laziness, I did not make images on a regular basis for this particular machine.

    The most recent Macrium image I have is of the 850 drive with v 1909 on it. I mad the image 2 days ago.... after I updated to v 1909. BUT... this image also has the activation issue on it and the missing .vbs file that I am unable to repair. When I tried restored that image on a new, clean ssd, the problem simply was installed on the new drive.

    The problems I am trying to resolve are: Restore the correct digital activation for windows10 and repair the missing DirectX.vbs file and last but not least, update to version 1909.

    If I have to start from scratch, so be it.

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    Win 10 Home ♦♦♦19045.3031 (x64) [22H2]


    You only want to restore a backup, that "doesn't" have problems.
    Macrium is very good about restoring the backup... exactly.
    So if there were problems when you made the backup... they will still be there when you restore.

    At this point I would go back to the 1703 version... and do the In-Place Upgrade... exactly as specified.
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    If the 850 drive has Windows.old folder you can go back to the point before you did the in place upgrade.
    I would try first to go back. Once you have the computer running as before, then you can think about an upgrade.

    How to Restore Files from Windows.old Folder in Windows 10
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Verson 1909 build 18363.418
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    First a big "Thank You" to everyone who commented and provided their thoughts and suggestions to my original long winded post.

    I have taken the advice from the many members of this forum and fully imaged and backed up this pc.

    I have been successful in resolving two of the four issues - return to digital activation and the resolution of the DirectX startup error message.

    The two issues left are: Windows update not working and Windows Defender not resetting after deletion of ESET Nod 32 AV and Kaspersky trial.

    I have tried all of the suggestions in the forum to get Windows Update to work - nothing has resolved the matter.

    Windows defender will simply not restart - no matter what I try.

    My question at this point - will an in-place-upgrade to v 20H2 resolve these issues as well? Or am I looking yet again at a clean install?

    Thanks again for your suggestions and thoughts.
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    If you have a drive image you're free to try other solutions.

    I would download the latest Win 10 install iso (20h2 V2) to your main drive (my suggestion is to use Heidoc iso download tool ) mount the iso and run setup.
    If you want to make a USB (legacy and UEFI) boot able drive you will have to split the Souces\install.wim, but that is another story.
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    Windows 10 Home 20H2

    nitram said:
    Or am I looking yet again at a clean install?
    Yes, it is the simplest solution.
    Create Bootable USB Flash Drive to Install Windows 10
    Clean Install Windows 10
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