Update From 1909 to 2004 Questions

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    Update From 1909 to 2004 Questions

    This morning I took the plunge and updated from 1909 to 2004. Did this via a USB stick with the Windows 2004 install ISO. Everything went well (although I had made an additional Macrium Reflect image of the 1909 install . . . just in case).

    So, I have a few questions. I've been using "Sledgehammer" for quite a while now, just to maintain some semblance of control of my now five year old Dell laptop. Prior to updating 1909 I started Sledgehammer, allowed WuMgr to run and took a snapshot of the updates that I had "hidden."

    Update From 1909 to 2004 Questions-win-1909-hidden-updates.png

    After the update to 2004 I ran Sledgehammer again, allowed WuMgr to run and took a snapshot of the available updates. As this was the first time running WuMgr after the update to 2004, none of the updates were hidden.

    Update From 1909 to 2004 Questions-win-2004-updates.png

    Two things surprised me. One, all the driver updates that now showed up after the update to 2004, and two, the fact that neither KB5001567 nor KB5000802 which it replaced showed up. Could these updates have been incorporated into the update when the progress window says "Looking for updates before installing . . ." or words to that effect during the update?

    Also, while still on 1909 I went through the whole "Removal of Flash Player" updates, and yet, here I am on 2004 and that update shows up again.

    I can see why the Windows base (that doesn't frequent this forum) would be confused. I think of myself as a reasonably competent Windows user . . . and I'm confused.
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    Did you completely disable Slegehammer when you performed the upgrade?

    Hmm, amusing you've an update for flash player, then one to remove it...

    Note that MS is changing its driver update model and a scan for driver updates will offer optional updates.
    This may explain part of what you're seeing.
    Microsoft's upcoming driver update changes may cause issues with plug-and-play - Neowin
    Windows 10 new driver system is rolling out: What you need to know

    In the past I've sometimes found an update delivered after the basic upgrade.
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    There is a new Sledgehammer (2.7.2) Download Sledgehammer - MajorGeeks
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    @ dalchina With the Windows 2004 ISO installed on the USB stick, as soon as you double click on the "setup.exe" the machine goes through a reboot and then runs completely from the USB, at least that's the way I remember it.
    @Megahertz Actually, up on MDL Projects and Applications | My Digital Life Forums the latest version is 2.7.3RC1, which is what I'm running.

    I don't intend to install any of the drivers, I keep those updated from the mfg web sites, and there are a few of the other "suggested" updates that, based on reading here on this forum, are better left uninstalled.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Thank you for your reply.

    If you read the articles I posted, you will note that optional can be definitely optional.
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    Why are you updating to another windows out of support soon why not get the latest so you dont need to worry
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    If you start an update via ISO and do not disconnect from the Internet or deactivate the getting updates option, the current cumulative update will be installed with the update.

    You should recognize it after the update by the version number.

    19041.1 is the base and 19041.868 would be with the Oob Cumulative Update.

    The fact that the updates for the Flash Player are offered again is because an update via ISO is like a kind of reinstallation.

    A new image is written to the hard drive, which also includes a new update database.

    The cumulative update will applied in the update process.

    After update when you land on the desktop, all other updates for the system will be displayed after an update search.
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    @ dalchina Finally got to read through the article links you posted . . . explains a lot. Thank you.

    So, without either KB5000802 or its supposed replacement, KB5001567 showing up in the WuMgr window, my system is up to:

    Update From 1909 to 2004 Questions-winver.png

    Edit: Need to correct the above. After looking at the "Installed Updates" in WuMgr, KB5000802 is in fact listed. So, that update must have installed during the update to 2004 from 1909. Don't see KB5001567 listed anywhere, so I'll be installing that one.
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    Download and install the latest CU Update from the Update Catalog:
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    Samuria said:
    Why are you updating to another windows out of support soon why not get the latest so you dont need to worry
    I try to stay at least one release back from the "bleeding edge" of these OS updates, both on Windows as well as my iMac. Apple's Big Sur release was an unmitigated disaster.

    As for the "worry" part. "Known and Resolved issues for Windows 10 version 20H2", is 34 pages and 335 posts of problems with 20H2. And the latest CU hiccup does not lead one to having faith in the MS releases.

    Update KB5000802 released March 9th. KB5001567 released March 15th to fix issues with KB5000802. KB5001649 released March 18th to really, really fix issues with KB5000802.
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