Does this look right to you?  

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    Windows 10 64 bit

    Does this look right to you?

    I am about to replace a sata Win 10 hard drive (1Tb) with a 250Gb ssd
    The existing drive is a gpt setup even though its only 1tb.
    As I will be cloning the existing drive, this will mean that the ssd will be GPT. Is this best left the same or should I convert it later to NBR?

    On the existing disk - partition 1 This is marked (None) but the disk shows NTFS Primary
    455mb spaced used within a 495mb space !!
    Thanks for your comments in advance

    Windows 10 64 bit
    20H2 Build 19042 - 868
    Does this look right to you? Attached Files
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    Win10 Version 21H2 Pro and Home, Win11 Pro and Home

    My thought, there will be issues in cloning [exact copy] when going from a large-capacity drive to a small-capacity drive. Might be better to do an image backup then restore, but my choice is a clean install on the new drive but takes longer and does not copy problems from the old drive.
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    Windows 11 Pro


    Your disk layout looks normal, but it is not optimal. Your partitions in order are: recovery, EFI System, MSR, Windows, Recovery. This is what I would do (all commands run in a command prompt with admin privileges):

    1. On your existing Windows run:
    reagentc /disable
    That will disable the Windows Recovery Environment and move the Windows RE files into the Windows folder.

    2. Prepare the new SSD:
    list disk
    select disk # <-replace # with the actual number for the SSD
    clean <- this will erase the disk selected above, make sure it is the SSD
    convert gpt
    select part 1
    delete part override <-this will delete the MSR automatically created with the convert gpt command
    create part EFI size=100
    format fs=fat32 quick
    assign letter=w
    create part MSR size=16
    3. Your SSD will now have an EFI system partition, followed by an MSR partition, followed by blank, unallocated space. Now clone or copy ONLY the C: drive partition from the HDD to the SSD. Give the new cloned partition on the SSD a drive letter, let's say E:.

    4. Run the final command to write the boot files from the new cloned partition to the new EFI system partition to make the SSD bootable:
    bcdboot E:\Windows /s W: /f UEFI  <-replace E: with whatever drive letter you assigned to the new partition
    5. Boot the computer from the new SSD. Once you are in Windows on the new SSD, re-enable the Recovery Environment:
    reagentc /enable
    6. Once you get everything working fine on the SSD, you can delete all the partitions on the HDD and reformat it as one big data partition - or however you like. You want to keep GPT partitioning because that is what Windows expects to see on a computer booting in UEFI mode.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    Since you are going from a 1TB hard drive to a 256GB SSD, create a partition on the hard drive to store a Macrium Reflect image of windows and any other needed partitions on the hard drive, onto this newly created partition.

    Now create an image and store it on the new partition you created on the hard drive.

    Install the SSD, now reimage everything you imaged from the hard drive, back to the SSD.

    Cloning gives a lot of people problems, imaging doesn`t.

    Use Partition Wizard to create a big enough partition to store the image on your hard drive.

    Macrium Software | Macrium Reflect Free

    MiniTool Partition Wizard | Best partition magic alternative for Windows PC and Server

    Trust me, you will get this done on your 1st try

    Please post a full shot of Disk Management before you do anything.

    How to Post a Screenshot of Disk Management | Tutorials (

    We`d rather tell you how to get it done properly now, instead of fixing it later.
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    Windows 11 Pro 64 bit

    I always use imaging rather than cloning for such transfers
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    Windows 10 64 bit
    Thread Starter

    I am really grateful for your responses, a lot of time and expertise has been given to my original post. I thank you all.

    Being not over familiar with computing, I must confess that I will have to spend some time trying to digest and understand the information you have all kindly given.
    Again my thanks to you all.
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    Windows 10 Home

    That is a log to digest haha!

    I would do as NavyLCDR is suggesting. A Clean Install is another really good option also as it looks like you have done an Upgrade from Windows 8 maybe? I think maybe that First Recovery Partition that is full is left over from an Upgrade.

    What is on your other two drives? I see they are both labeled as "Backup"

    I think the easiest thing to do would be to Clone and choose to "Fit Partitions Automatically" But like others have said this is not the way most geeks do it, and may be a problem with that almost full Recovery Partition. Considering you don't have lot's of Used Space this may work just fine though.

    Second option IMO is to reduce the size of C Drive and Clone but don't choose "To fit automatically"

    Third option is to Reduce the size of C Drive and do a "Full Image" Backup to one of your other drives, to a Folder, and maybe do it to Two drives just in case one don't work. Then "Restore" that Image to the new SSD. I would reduce it to something like 200GB. It has to be small enough to fit on the new drive is all.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    @PoloNut, give the clone a try. Let us know what happens

    You still have not posted a shot of Disk Management yet.
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    Windows 10 Home

    AddRAM said:
    @PoloNut, give the clone a try. Let us know what happens

    You still have not posted a shot of Disk Management yet.
    It's in his first post as an attachment
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    Windows 10 Pro

    That`s a shot of Macrium, not DM or PW.
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