0xc0000221 & 0xc0000225 ntoskrnl.exe not found/No Boot Possible

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    0xc0000221 & 0xc0000225 ntoskrnl.exe not found/No Boot Possible

    Hi everyone,

    In short, my PC won't boot after recovery using EaseUs TDB free version.

    More details:
    Windows 10 Enterprise (cannot provide exact version but must be 2004 or very close to it, more like 19XXXX)
    GPT boot

    I have three physical disks - C, D and E (all either NVMe or SSD). C is the operating system drive, D is more or less multimedia and back-up drive, and E is a gaming or programmes drive. All my EaseUs To Do Backup back-up files are stored on drive D. What happened is a programme has been acting weird and I have been backing the entire drive C up incrementally on a weekly basis so I decided to revert to the overall system backup state from one week ago. The recovery has been straightforward and with no errors (so was the backups creation). Upon reboot however I was greeted with 0xc0000221 and 0xc0000225 errors where none of the start-up/boot recovery options would work. I inserted a bootable Windows USB flash drive which gave me more options and I found that out of all my listed drives my system drive C is now named F and is listed as disk 2 in comparison to how generally it should appear, i.e. disk 0 and C.

    I presume EaseUs renamed the partitions and now Windows couldn't find its files. I tried different options like bootrec fixes and renaming files but so far with no success. This was all supposed to be a really straightforward process as I was recovering a full physical disk, i.e. C to C, not partitions, however I am now left with a broken PC. The BIOS in its boot section sees drive C and its boot manager, however cannot boot. I used to have WinPE (pre- lock screen recovery option) as part of the EaseUs TDB set-up and when I inserted the bootable Windows flash drive, I can see two "Operating Systems", however none of them seem to work, I also cannot reach the WinPE stage as Windows won't start booting at all. Also, no System Restore or Start-up Repair options do anything. System Restore is empty despite generally having different Restore Points before the recovery and Start-up Repair couldn't fix the problem.

    Any guesses or advice that you can provide so I can save my system without reinstalling Windows? Using Notepad within the console I can see my other drives look intact, C also looks OK but I have never been in such a situation before and frankly, never expected this after a straightforward procedure that was supposed to be absolutely painless.
    Is the back-up format EaseUs utilises accessible to other system recovery software? For example, if I reinstall Windows, can I use the existing back-ups to recover my C drive using another programme (the back-up format seems to be PDB)? Any other ways to get the system to boot?

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I am also considering possible Windows re-installation, re-installing EaseUs To Do Backup and trying to use a different back-up image since the back-up scheme has been incremental so I am unsure as how the software handled the different images. I may try an earlier one. Just a consideration currently although I will be thinking over comprehensively before going this way.

    0xc0000221 & 0xc0000225 ntoskrnl.exe not found/No Boot Possible-1111111.jpg0xc0000221 & 0xc0000225 ntoskrnl.exe not found/No Boot Possible-222222222.jpg
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    Drive letters are assigned by the OS you are running.
    Under Windows it is C: but under Win PE can be any other letter.

    Disk numbers is assigned by the program.
    Under diskpart you have 0,1,2...
    Under MiniTool you have 1,2,3...

    How did you restored the disk image (booting from a WinPE or under Windows)?

    Do you have a boot able EaseUs TDB drive (to restore from it)?
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    Thank you for replying.

    I did the recovery from within Windows environment that continued upon reboot, took about 10+ minutes, the Easeus interface confirmed was successful then the system rebooted and I have got the above results.

    I have a bootable Windows 10 Enterprise flash drive but not a special Easeus TDB one. I am considering installing Windows on the C: drive from it, installing Easeus TDB software with WinPE, then trying to restore from the same backup using WinPE, just different restore point as the backup has been incremental. There must be a full backup image, if I remember correctly, that I set to always be kept intact in the program. Do you think this may work?

    Any other options?
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    You don't need to install win 10 on another partition.
    There must be a Easeus TDB boot able package that you can download and run to redo the recovery.
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    Thank you, I will try this. My system disk is a NVMe drive attached directly to the motherboard. Do you know if the above is unsuccessful, if there is a way to access this drive and move certain files to another physical disk? Like a drive with files attached using a live CD or attaching it to another computer?
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    I'm studying a way to do a Easeus TDB boot able package.

    Answering your question, yes you can access the M.2 drive as any other drive, even with winPE.
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    I was able to create a Easeus TDB boot able using the free demo package but I had to install on my computer and then create the drive iso. And the free demo version is limited.

    You have a full Easeus TDB license. I would install it on the computer you're using now and create a USB Easeus TDB boot able. It will create a ISO. Mount the iso and copy all files and folders to a Fat32 USB drive.
    Then boot from it and try to recover from the backup.
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    Unfortunately I am Easeus free user; I noted this in the very beginning of the thread. If the price for the rescue utility is reasonable I will buy it. Otherwise I will install Windows on drive C, install Easeus, then try again.

    From what you've seen, is the demo limited to the extent that it won't allow simple features like WinPE in case you have Easeus backups already?

    The only reason I chose EaseUS free was because for some time now I started exploring free/donatable version on everything I use on my computer home. I donated to almost all the developers of the programs in use and will so in the future. Forcing subscription-based models of programmes already purchased and permanently changing rules to users only because you have monopoly or there are no direct alternatives is a no-go, not only for me. Otherwise I have a key I purchased for Acronis True Image, but as I said I wanted to explore others. I contacted EaseUS about this problem already, they said they can try to help in a remote session for $300 which to me is ridiculous. Know-how is expensive, I agree, they must be rewarded for their hard work but they sell their product for 1/10 of this amount. And it's supposed to work. For me it doesn't and I'll never use or recommend it to anyone.
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    Why don't you install EaseUS TDB free on the computer you're using and create a USB boot able drive?

    Yes you can install Win 10 on another drive and then install EaseUS TDB free.
    I suggest you detach from the MB (Power or SATA cable) all other drives, specially the backup and the data drive.
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    I don't use/have a second PC, I'm using my smartphone for posting on this forum. I already have a Windows 10 bootable USB drive, a friend did it for me, so I can install Windows anew.

    Would the EaseUS demo allow me to do the same, i.e. creating a USB bootable drive, or is it too limited as you say? I have already tried the bootable Windows flash drive and none of the Start-up or System recovery optiins work with it. I can only use it to install Windows.

    My backup is on disk D which is internal. I used this drive previously with Acronis TI without disconnecting other drives and it worked OK. Otherwise I will need to by some cheap external drive from Ebay and do what you suggest.
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