0xc0000221 & 0xc0000225 ntoskrnl.exe not found/No Boot Possible

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    For what I have seen, when you boot from the USB drive it loads the program. On the right top corner it has a option to recover from the backup.
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    Thanks. I will download it and create a USB bootable drive tomorrow, then try either tomorrow evening or on the weekend. Hopefully it will work.

    Thanks once again for all your help.
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    If you're going to install Win 10 on a drive, pay attention on each step so you don't delete a partition or create another problem. My suggestion is to detach all other drives leaving on only the target drive. Attach them after installation. Always remove the power cord from the wall outlet when opening the case to detach or attach a drive.

    Once you have Win 10 installed, install EaseUS and do the recover. You don't need to make a USB boot able drive as in this situation you'll be recovering from backup file in one drive to another drive and windows is on third drive.
    Of course is always recommended to have a boot able rescue drive just in case.
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    OK, I tried again installing Windows, then EaseUS, WinPE and running the recovery this time from WinPE directly without entering the OS from another earlier backup, supposedly reported as full image. It failed again. None of the start-up options by running an installation flash drive work. Start-up repair stated it was trying to fix disk errors and that it may take an hour or so, then 20 seconds later the PC rebooted to the BSOD screen again.

    The operating system drive C was again renamed to F. I made some photos that i attach. The boot up error this time is a little bit different, or at least the wording. I used the Windows installation boot flash drive, opened a console and Notepad so I can show all drives, the operating system and the one of the backups. I still have hope I can recover something but wanted to share here too. Current C: as on the photos is the drive where the backups come from. The OS drive is shown as F.

    I am considering installing Windows again, EaseUS then, and then if there is such an option, run backups verification. Also, if by seeing the drives allocation/details you have any ideas for bootrec fixes, please do let me know. This time I disconnected all other drives and installed Windows on drive C. I don't have external drives to use at the moment unfortunately.

    If nothing works, I want to transfer certain files from drive C's broken recovery to another drive. Any easy way, this is an M.2 drive attached to the motherboard currently?

    0xc0000221 & 0xc0000225 ntoskrnl.exe not found/No Boot Possible-newerror.jpg

    0xc0000221 & 0xc0000225 ntoskrnl.exe not found/No Boot Possible-ovalllook.jpg

    0xc0000221 & 0xc0000225 ntoskrnl.exe not found/No Boot Possible-bups.jpg

    0xc0000221 & 0xc0000225 ntoskrnl.exe not found/No Boot Possible-diskc.jpg

    0xc0000221 & 0xc0000225 ntoskrnl.exe not found/No Boot Possible-dtoc.jpg

    0xc0000221 & 0xc0000225 ntoskrnl.exe not found/No Boot Possible-allsucc.jpg
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    Why did you recover it using sector by sector?
    This is normally used on damaged drives.
    Do you have an option that is not sector by sector?
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    I don't think so. I believe this is how the software does it. Today I will try doing the same with the very first image and if it fails, I will be looking for ways to recover my files from C drive on another PC, then starting from scratch with a new installation.

    The M.2 is OK, I am sure. It looks like there are too many partitions EaseUS is creating when recovering but I may be wrong. For certain, now the 0xc0000225 error is different which means the backup image matters.

    And by the way, why is EaseUS claiming the recovery operation was successful and the image files are OK (not corrupted) when it should be copying the files and partitions over as they used to be. I have no words how disappointed I am and regret I ever tried this software.
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    I suggest you download 17514x64v26.iso SIW2 tools drive.
    Extract the iso to a Fat32 USB drive and it will boot as UEFI. It has many tools and also Explorer so you can copy the files from the M.2 drive to an external backup drive.
    Lost boot menu - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    Hi, is been a long day and I'm really tired. The EaseUS program is the worst I ever used in my life. After the second Windows install I went through backups "image check". It took more than 3 hours and my PC is beefy, overclocked and with 32GBs DDR4 3.2GHz 14Cas RAM. Apparently there have been background processes of Windows downloading updates and the like but it was extremely slow. OK, then after 3 and a half hours, the program said the image was OK and no errors found (really?) but once I tried with recovering the very first backup it was also extremely slow (10 minutes+ "calculating") so I had to cancel. Once I tried again it reported some error and I was done...

    Before doing anything else early in the morning, I was able to copy my required/lost disk C files to another physical drive using the start-up console and Notepad. At least I have this! Upon installation and entering my Windows key, it was said there was something wrong with it and I can't activate Windows. It used to work before with no problems and I haven't done any hardware changes but whatever. I purchased a new key and at the moment am downloading an iso that I will install when done and hopefully activate successfully.

    I have more pictures to add but I think it's irrelevant anymore. Once I install Windows again and activate, hopefully later tonight or tomorrow, I will close this thread as "resolved", although to be honest it will take me weeks to recover what I've lost and some things will nerve get recovered.

    Thanks a lot for all your help! You're truly a star. To anyone else reading, for the sake of my trouble, never use any version of EaseUS To Do Backup. I think these guys are paying vloggers and YouTube influencers to recommend their software. Steer away from it, unless you want to go through the sme nightmare I've been, am and will be going through...

    - - - Updated - - -

    OK, I installed a new Windows and started recovering what I have lost. Out of the files I managed to save, there have been such that were corrupted. Not many but enough. This means that partitions may have been properly allocated and recovered but part of the files on them - corrupted. For those having similar problems (hopefully never), if you have access to a bootable media at start-up, use "Open Console" from the Troubleshooting Advanced options and then type "notepad". Once you do it, press Enter, get the Notepad open, then go to file opening option and to the disk that you want to recover. Once you see the folder or files of interest there, you can copy them from this disk or partition to another one with simple Copy/Paste clicks, and it actually works. There may be other ways for it but this is probably the easiest way.

    What I have also learned in the past few days is that the number of people worldwide with deep Windows operating system knowledge is extremely limited. Their expertise goes to brands of software or eventually options within, but nothing that actually works in cases like mine, even simple steps. Luckily this forum is actually one of the most helpful ones. Thank you Megahertz.
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