Hi folks
especially now with really fast NMVe->USBC adapters it's worth looking again at using a Free Windows to GO system for testing a lot of new builds -- even with standard SSD->USB3 adapters the Windows to Go system gives really good response values -- I've even ran 3 VM's on this too.

It's an old post of around 4 months back but it's well worth having another look -- especially as there are some really cheap SSD drives around now and it saves messing about changing / restoring a current laptop for Windows new builds

Create Free Windows to Go system on ext USB/SSD disks (UEFI system)

This is a fully 100% run from external device - you don't even need an HDD in the main computer at all and this is a W10 system -not a WinPE version so you can install whatever in the usual way and update at will.

The difference between that and the VIboot Virtual image is that this isn't a Virtual machine and doesn't need HYPER-V so it will work on W10 HOME editions too.