I'm still playing with Win10 on a tablet and not ready to install it on my main computer. Meanwhile, there are 32 Windows 7 updates pending. I've selected all 32 in Windows Update, then clicked the OK button, but that just takes me to a screen for installing Win10. I'm not sure what happens if I click OK there, but it looks like clicking OK will install Win10 which I do NOT want to do. I just want to install the 32 Win7 updates.

I did notice that one of the optional updates was the Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro and that the checkbox to install it was pre-checked. I did uncheck it but I still got the screen that said "Downloading Windows 10".

Is it possible that I'm safe to proceed after seeing the "Downloading Windows 10" message as long as I made sure to uncheck the Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro checkbox?