windows has destroyed my computer

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    W 7 desktop Home Premium 64 - OS

    I can see both sides in this discussion. I have two computers and would never have download if I only had one. I had no problem when I downloaded W 10, it was not shoved down my throat, it was not forced on me. I was curious and wanted to see what it was all about. Before it was set up or downloaded, I don't remember which, the agreement popped up. We all saw the agreement, not sure what to call it, but it comes on all most all software downloads, we accepted it. We did this to ourselves, no one made us do it. I would not have done this even to a spare computer if did not have the reformatting stick from Acer. I bought every new OS that came out from 1996 on except for 2000 and every new system was better and faster. So I don't mind changes if they improves things. W 8 certainly not better, nor was W8.1 or W10.

    I worked on it for a few hours and went back to W8.1. I hope this turns into MS's biggest failure that have had. If they want to keep making the last 3 OS's , fine, but they need to keep making OSs like the older systems so we will have a choice.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit v1803 build 17133.73

    Lotza money to be made restoring old operating systems or clean win 10 installs (college kiddies gonna need help now) and recovering data on hd/ssds. Only in Almerica.
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    Windows 7/10/Ubuntu

    While I feel bad for Jakethedog, I'm a little shocked at how quick you guys jumped back and forth at each other. I think this thread needs some common ground.

    Can we all agree that Windows Millennium Edition was the best? </sarcasm>

    I was a little disappointed by the lack of info in Jake's post. Important things that could of helped. He never defined how far the install got. He never identified if it was a branded system (or what brand). He never even let us know if he was upgrading from 7 or 8. There are countless variables that were never expressed. He could of been using an IBM PS/1 trying to perform the upgrade on Windows3.1, we don't know. Everyone was so quick to jump on the inflammatory bandwagon they missed the whole point.

    I think it's good that the computer is now in the hands of what we are going to assume are technically minded people that can resolve his issue. I think it's bad that he's going to have to pay out of pocket for such resolution. I think in the future, we should focus on the problem at hand and leave the rhetoric until AFTER the solution is provided, applied, and the user's issue is resolved. Then again, I'm the guy that created his account today to share his own crazy experience with upgrading. I doubt his issue is anywhere near as complex as my own, but we'll never know. I personally, have learned little from this thread and that saddens me as this is such a robust technical community.

    You owe it to yourselves and your visitors to be better than you were in this thread.
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    Windows 7 (reverted back)

    Action Center warns you all the time about safety and backup creation.
    We all know we do need to make backups (daily or weekly) but because it takes an effort (connecting an external drive, creating a system repair disk) most of us just don't do it.
    Nowadays luckily most people backup their important data to a cloud drive....

    I use a NAS (network storage) to do a daily backup of my data.
    I don't care much might Windows Crash completely. It actually gives me an opportunity to re-install Windows and have this nice fresh feeling as if your wife has just changed the bed linnen :)
    We all know Windows get sluggish after a while, specially when installing new programs all the time.

    Back to the discussion at hand.
    If you buy a computer without recovery Media..... usually there is a program that can create the recovery Media for you.
    We all skip that part....
    On most laptops there is a recovery partition
    Microsoft offers an option to create a System Repair Disk and backup.

    The computer is not "Destroyed"
    if you would take a Linux distribution now, it would take about 20 minutes to be back up and running
    We are the ones that destroy things.... by not creating backups (sorry)

    Good luck
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    Win_8.1-Pro, Win_10.1607-Pro, Mint_17.3

    Bazz said:
    I you actually read the thread he has already taken it in for repair.
    Yeah, thanks. I stopped reading the thread around the 10th post, too many vents, not much help offered, so I offered some help.

    If only I read one more post!

    I you actually read the thread .... indeed
    Oh, the shame !!!!!

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    Windows 11 Pro

    lopedoggie said:
    Lotza money to be made restoring old operating systems or clean win 10 installs (college kiddies gonna need help now) and recovering data on hd/ssds. Only in Almerica.
    Microsoft launches youth employment plan!
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    Windows 7

    My computer was destroyed when I tryed to go back to windows 7 because I don't need a desktop cell phone and yes I did a complete back up, 3 disk recovery, this is not my 1st rodeo with incompetent customer service and support. I have to completely start over from where I was 2 yrs ago. All I get is a dos looking screen saying "windows failed to start, error 0xc00000f, required device inaccessible". I have tried everything possible short of a complete clean install and that's what I'm doing now. Some one let me know when that class action lawsuit starts in the mean time I guess I'll be getting a refresh on Ubuntu. P.S. I am A+&Network cert. Thanks a lot Microsoft.
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    Win_8.1-Pro, Win_10.1607-Pro, Mint_17.3

    jettman33 said:
    yes I did a complete back up, 3 disk recovery,
    I have to completely start over from where I was 2 yrs ago.
    What's wrong with your complete backup? Or was it a two year old backup?
    Just askin'
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    Windows 7

    Same as 1st message

    Slartybart said:
    What's wrong with your complete backup? Or was it a two year old backup?
    Just askin'
    No matter what I do I get the same message" windows failed to start, status:0xc00000f required device inaccessible". I have even got Dell involved. Only thing I can come up with is wiped out drivers too. I have a dell xps8700 that I upgraded for eye finity and that was only mod I made. Has updated repair disk that got me about as close as I could get. Would start to load windows little things would start to spin then same message.
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    Windows 7

    Mark Phelps said:
    Hey folks -- let's stop blaming the victims when Win10 upgrades go badly! It is UNREASONABLE to expect Windows users to make system backups before running an upgrade. While it is certainly a good thing to do, I'd wager that over 90% of Windows users don't even know HOW to make full system backups.

    Years ago I lead a team of Developers producing an installation package for a new commercial software product. Our first order of business was "do no harm!" Every installation started with a diagnostic routine that looked for all problems that could compromise the installation and possibly damage or corrupt the target system. If none were found, a restore backup was made of the system before ANY changes were made! After install, a set of tests were run to confirm the install succeeded. If any tests failed, error messages were produced and the system was restored to its original state. I repeat -- NO HARM WAS DONE!

    It's Microsoft's Win10 Compatibility Checker that is lying to people about the lack of problems. It is Microsoft's Upgrade tool that is leaving folks PCs in unusable states. It is Microsoft's Uprade tool that is NOT restoring folks PC to their original working conditions.

    I know this because I've had it happen to me, and I've read literally hundreds of posts on other forums about folks who had it happen to them.

    So, let's stop blaming the victims here. The culprit is Microsoft and their faulty Upgrade tool which corrupts working systems and leaves folks PCs in a mess.
    Thanks Mark, I also have read literally 100's of post of people with down systems now. I did what was required because I have been doing it for 30yrs and still crashed mine. Just wonder how many people will be going to linux base systems now that Microsoft wants desktops, etc,.. to work like cell phones now?
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