Do I need to remove other non OS drive?

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    Do I need to remove other non OS drive?

    Hi, I'm pretty sure I'll be upgrading my desktop this week while I'm on vacation. I've done my laptop with no problems at all, it's a Dell Latitude E6400 with Win7 Pro bought refurbished from Newegg. The laptop was a mid 2008 model and W10 works great on it.

    My question is about my desktop drives, my OS drive is an SSD and my backup drive is an HDD. There is nothing but the backups and system image on the HDD, it is an inside the box drive connected to the second SATA on the MB. Is there a chance the W10 upgrade will put it's boot loader/manager on the backup drive?

    I have seen posts where for best results, all drives except the one being upgraded/clean installed on should be disconnected to avoid the boot loader/manager showing up on another drive. I can do this but it's sort of a PIA due to pulling the tower out, disconnecting cables, and opening it up. Then repeating after the upgrade to put things back.

    My backup drive is an HDD with nothing on it other than backups which are done every Sunday night. There is no OS on the backup HDD.

    Background is, I created another partition on my 120G SSD (30G) where I've been dual booting 7 and the W10 TP's, the plan is to delete that partition and recover the space for the W10 upgrade. Then have a single partition with W10 on my 120G SSD C drive and to continue to use the WD 500G for backup and system image. I will create another partition on the backup HDD for the W10 backups (right now I'm using a 100G partition on the HDD for Win7) and keep the Win7 backup and image until I'm fully on and comfortable with W10.
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    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure....

    But, if you are absolutely sure there is no boot information on the second hard drive, and that the SSD drive is set to be the first drive BIOS looks at to boot, you should be OK to leave it connected.

    I would disconnect it, if it were me, and use that as an excuse to blow out the internals with air anyway.
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    Thanks for the response Navy. That's probably what I'll end up doing, I do make it a habit to periodically pull the tower out and check/clean the insides for dust bunnies and such.

    Something that came with my ASUS MB was a program called ASUS Probe, it has a thing like a gadget that you can show on the desktop if you want. I hope it transfers with the upgrade, it's a handy and informative application.

    What I have showing on my Win7 desktop is cpu temp, cpu fan speed, MB temp, and case fan speed. Usually cpu is around 33C to 38C and lately when I've been on Win7 it's been up around 43C so I might have a bit of dust in the heatsink fins. Although I've only been on Win7 to do updates and anti virus/malware scans recently and those always increase the cpu temps anyway.

    Not usually a bad idea to have a look inside your tower just to check things out.
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    Since I didn't have any boot information on my backup drive I updated to W10 with it in and connected. I know it didn't have any boot info on it because I bought it new for backups and that's the only thing it's ever been used for.

    I let windows update download and install the update, the boot loader/manager went on the OS C drive. So for me the update from Win7 to W10 went fine, W10 is activated too. I was not asked for any product key during the upgrade/install.

    Seems all has went ok so far, it's early yet in the upgrade install, I've ran W10 TP's in a dual boot mode since January of this year so I'm familiar with it. We'll see how it goes, I don't expect any surprises but that doesn't mean there won't be some.
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