rosteven said:
I have been running Windows 10 Pro on my HP desktop for overa week with no problems. Over theweekend Windows attempted installing an upgrade; not sure when, but during theupgrade process I received a Critical Process Died BSOD with no error code. All system restarts result in the same error, and I havebeen unable to use Repair, Recovery Mode, or Safe mode to isolate theproblem.

The only usable option seems tobe to do a System Restore where I have the choice of losing all installed apps,or losing both all installed apps and files.

Is there any way to roll back to the Windows 8.1 that isstill located in the Windows.old folder from the command prompt?

Hi there .

do you have an image backup of BEFORE you did the upgrade -- here I mean an image taken with a program like Macrium / Acronis etc.

If you did seems a no brainer to restore and then attempt a new upgrade. This way you should still have all your original installed stuff.

I'm not a fan of the old W8 / W7 system image / restore. Programs like macrium / acronis etc are so much superior and in general always work without problem.

Another possibility is if the windows 8 partition is still available boot a Linux CD and copy using DD. Note this should only be attempted if you know some Linux commands and know exactly what you are doing as any errors will hose you up big time.

After recovering W8 you will then need to to Repair system to re-create the boot partition -- should work from the Windows install disk or ISO if you made one. Use RUFUS to create bootable USB if your machine supports that - much easier than mucking around with physical DVD's.

(If you restored using Free macrium or similar system should boot normally without needing to do anything else. Ensure of course when taking backups as well as the "C" (OS) partition you copy the small reserved system partition if there is one and restore that too on restore).

Note though once you get a running system again ALWAYS take a backup image with a program like Free macrium or similar - it makes life so much easier in the event of any mis-haps etc.