Microsoft suggested that I download Win 10 and like a credulous fool I took them up on it. It took more than 24 hours while it "worked in the background" to install but finally this morning it said it was complete and ready.
The new Win 10 login page says, "Hi there! Welcome back!" It shows my username and there is a login window with a blinking cursor and an eye symbol. There is a "Next" button and a small "I'm not (username)" also on the page.
When I enter my password and hit "enter" nothing happens. If I click on any of the other items on the page nothing happens. I have done several hard reboots and tried again -- nothing happens.
I would like to try Win 10 to see if it is indeed the land of happiness, but I'm also willing to uninstall it and reinstall my familiar, old Win 7 until 10 is more, ahem, mature.
Is there a path out of this impasse?
Could it be that my Dell Optiplex is pissed at me for dumping Win 7 and will remain unresponsive and sullen until I return to it?