I initially upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium, which took 8+ hours to complete. When the installation was done, the performance I was getting was pretty horrible, constant stuttering, latency and slowdown. So I made an install disk from a fresh download and reinstalled from scratch, which I then had to do about six times. Every installation attempt went differently, but each one took 3+ hours and either resulted in an install that performed incredibly poorly like before, or simply failed to complete installation at all. The most common issue I got on the installs that failed was getting stuck in a loop where I would be asked to connect to a network, then I would get a "just a moment" message for about 10 minutes, then a reboot would happen and I would be asked to connect again, get the same message for another 10 minutes, then another reboot.

I initially thought maybe my HDD was going bad, so I swapped it out for a known good one, no fix.

I then replaced my PSU, no fix.

In the end I gave up and rolled back to Windows 7, which installed without issue and works just fine.

Has anyone else had similar issues with similar rigs?