Slartybart said:
This is probably where I got lost:

As soon as i upgraded to 10 for a second time i deleted all 7 files again because i never planned to go back to 7.

I did a Win 10 clean install the way i use to do Win 7 clean installs ( about the same ) but just avoided putting in any product keys (since i don't have any product keys for 10 which is a pretty good reason) , at least i think it is.

Yeah, not having a key is a good reason not to enter one. Some people entered the Preview key or their existing OS key - both were wrong choices.

Everyone expects instant gratification these days fred. On 29 July when systems weren't activating, someone came up with a script to try activating every second - this just compounded the problem as more and more people discovered the script, imagine 1 million people trying to activate every second - I'm surprised the Servers didn't burst into flames or the Internet didn't collapse.

Human nature!

I agree - wait no more than a couple of days (a few = 3 ) Then I'd Contact Support though the app of the same name.
This Win10 roll out was a massive undertaking of unprecedented proportions - everything was new - the distribution, the upgrade process, the activation technologies. There are issue, but on a scale of it, things went fairly well. I know that doesn't help those who are experiencing the issues, but give it a little bit of time.

I enjoyed your characterization of the battle that might come.

What I learn by helping other members are ways to help other member experiencing similar issues on their machines. Many members often stick around and in turn help other members.

You are most welcome fred.
I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention can you repeat that? I usually say that right after someone is telling me about something that they think is important and they took a lot of time to say it . They usually get outraged and yell "what, weren't you listening to me" lol.

Warning: Don't try this around hostile females , I always view them from a distance because they can be extremely dangerous