booting from cd/dvd to install win 10 os UEFI

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    10 pro 64bit

    booting from cd/dvd to install win 10 os UEFI

    HI guys,
    wondering if i can get a little help of what im doing wrong

    So, ive had my windows 10 pro dvd that i had burnt for a few years now, and has always worked fine on booting up in legacy mode to install win 10.

    So my HTPC was still on win 7, and getting a new 3 tb hard drive for it, ive decided nows a good time to put win 10 on it.
    However this time i want to install in UEFI mode which will be the first time for me.
    My boot options have been preset in bios to EFI ATAPI DVD ROM, EFI USB, LEGACY SATA 0 HDD, LEGACY ATAPI DVD ROM, LEGACY USB STICK

    My issue is, when i select boot override , UEFI ATAPI DVD ROM doesnt come up on the list as if the dvd i have isnt bootable, neither does EUFI USB

    So with ultra iso, i made an iso file from the dvd i had, downloaded Rufus, and made a bootable usb flash drive using the iso i just made and options in rufus,rufus transferred this to my usb stick.

    Tried that, and now the options to boot from EUFI USB come up and OS istall started up and installed in EUFI mode

    Thats all and well
    But why didnt my dvdrom show up in EUFI mode?
    Does a bootable disc/flash drive have different boot files for either MBR or EUFI? I noticed rufus has alot of bootable options, maybe they are to do with legacy and EUFI boot?

    I know DVDs are almost a thing of the past, however i do prefer them over a flash drive for os install.
    Any advice why im doing wrong?
    Thankyou for the help in advance
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    You don't need boot/install disk or USB to be in UEFI mode, you don't even need or should use old W10 you have on DVD disk. Just use MCT (Media Creation Tool) Microsoft Windows 10 Installation / Media Creation Tool Download - TechSpot and let it download latest W10 and make USB stick bootable. Install you new disk as only disk and set your BIOS to UEFI /non CFM mode and let windows format and partition it as needed.
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    From what I know, all Win 10 versions on a DVD are UEFI boot able.
    Your issue it's probably due to a BIOS configuration.

    I agree with CountMike. Windows 10 has 2 new versions a year so a DVD that has some years is outdated and will be updated as soon as your computer has access to the internet.
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    10 pro 64bit
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    I understand but its good to keep a back up on disk, for emergency purposes
    So, a dvd that normally boots up non uefi, should boot up the same in eufi mode?
    Its not burnt with different boot files to suit uefi
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  5. TV2
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    If your system is UEFI, you may need to Enable the CSM (Compatibility Support Module) in your BIOS settings to allow booting from non-UEFI disks and thumb drives.
    The CSM settings are usually in the BOOT section of the BIOS.
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    Please edit your profile with ALL your hardware specs. It will help us to help you.
    System Specs - Fill in at Ten Forums
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    10 pro 64bit
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    Sorry for the delayed post reply guys, crazy couple days at work
    And thankyou for your replies

    So this is my htpc, its a HP 8200 elite SFF. Which is a sandy bridge i7
    Doesnt have a create deal of bios settings like the general gigabyte, asus etc
    I had a look in bios, i didnt find anything about CSM
    But i did notice fast boot was on, does that have anything to do with it?

    - - - Updated - - -

    So i thought id try the dvd on my other pc which is a gen 3 ivy bridge ASROCK H77M
    Same deal, it didnt pick up the dvd as an uefi boot, but picked up the usb i prepared as a uefi boot
    I checked for CSM, it didnt have that option, secure boot was off and i also turned off fast boot just in case
    I feel like the dvd is not bootable in uefi mode but it is in standard ahci mode (or whatever the old style is called)
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    Yes disable fast start that often enable csm
    CSM would be in the boot section or secure boot if you see this disable it by clearing secure boot keys.
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    An installation DVD should have same files and folders as USB if it doesn't have EFI folder it will not boot in UEFI mode.
    booting from cd/dvd to install win 10 os UEFI-image.png
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