Asus P5K Deluxe WiFi Motherboard

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    Asus P5K Deluxe WiFi Motherboard

    Hi all - my first post

    I've built many PCs for my friends and family including my own. At the back end of last year I completely rebuilt my PC with a new motherboard, cpu and memory etc. - I used the same case. My son now wants me to build him a cheap PC and I'm wondering if my old Asus P5K Deluxe motherboard, Intel Quad Core CPU and (max) 8GB of memory would support Windows 10?

    I never checked previously and cannot see drivers on the Asus website. This was an extremely good and popular mobo in its day so I would like to ask if anyone has installed Windows 10 with this mobo at the heart of their system.


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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    It does !
    Only booting takes a lot of time can make this better by using SSD .
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    In general, motherboards for LGA775/Core2 family processors work well with Win10 (personally, still using Asus P5N-D + Q9550 quadcore and Intel DQ45CB + E8400 dualcore, sadly not exactly your board).

    Asus P5K Deluxe WiFi Motherboard-1.png Asus P5K Deluxe WiFi Motherboard-2.png

    Drivers for your mobo:
    P5K Deluxe/WiFi-AP Driver & Tools | Motherboards | ASUS Global
    and select Win7 64bit.

    Main limitations - 8GB of RAM and especially lack of SLAT/EPT instructions - make harder their usage of virtualization with most recent hypervisors, it can be necessary to use older versions and limit number of virtual machines running concurrently (three VMs with 2GB RAM each) . Also, new games can require newer processor instruction set extensions.

    Other disadvantages - lack of USB3 & SATA3 - can be compensated by add-on cards; no way to change DDR2 memory & PCI-Express 2.0 bus. However, performance is still more than sufficient for general usage; see Win7 performance index taken from same dualboot (Win7 & Win10) system.

    Asus P5K Deluxe WiFi Motherboard-wei.png
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    Thanks guys, very much appreciated. Intrigued that windows 7 64-bit Asus drivers will work with Windows 10, that gives me the green light to proceed. I would be buying a few things, like an SSD (I had a Samsung to boot with on my former PC) - yes it made a huge difference with boot time Anything else that I would need to be aware of?

    Also what about something like this: - Dell Dual Core 8GB 1TB HDD Windows 10 - Full Bundle Desktop PC Computer | eBay

    Do you think a PC built round my Asus P5K Deluxe as in my first post , would be a better or worse option? Obviously I would need to factor in a Mouse/Keyboard/Graphics card (all of which I have ready) and a Tower and Monitor. It would be for general useage & Music playback. Would be grateful for your thoughts.
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    Insufficient description from seller, I guess "Intel Dual Core (1st Generation)" probably can be anything from Conroe & Wolfdale... some Celeron, Pentium or in the best case Core2 Duo E6400. Ask seller which board/socket & proc is used, for LGA775 and supported FSB proc can be replaced by your quadcore (always better than dualcore). Your decision, note only 17in monitor too.
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    Thank you. I know my CPU is a genuine Quad Core - I forget the running speed but compared to that Core2 Duo E6400, it is much faster, I believe. And yes I'll get a 22" monitor too. I have 2 Nvidia Graphics cards so I'll choose one and I have a logitech bluetooth keyboard as well So I'll tell my son to go with my plan - thanks again for your help
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    Hi again. Just to clarify before asking another few questions - My CPU is an Intel Quad Core 2 Q6600 and will run (initially at least) unclocked at 2.4GHz. I've got most of my parts together but would be grateful if someone could answer the following please: -

    1. The boot drive will be a SATA SSD 250GB and I will be installing a 3TB HDD for storage. I'm unsure however if the BIOS (I'll update to the latest) is UEFI or not. If it is then will formatting both drives to GPT prevent windows seeing the full 3TB for the storage drive? I've read that I may be limited to 2TB. But if I format the storage drive to MBR would that sort this? Or would I be required to format both the boot drive and the storage drive to MBR. I'm just not sure about this mobo and exactly if it does support a UEFI BIOS or not.

    2. I will be installing the OS via USB as I don't intend to install a DVD/CD rom drive. Can you confirm that I insert the USB drive, switch on the pc, press F8 prior to POST and then select the boot drive?

    3. Once installed, I will then check Device Manager for any non-installed devices and then go on the Asus website for rquired drivers. May I ask if I should go with the Windows 10 drivers for installed devices or should I update with Asus ones, given that they will be Windows 7 ones?

    4. Just out of curiosity, why do you not recommend Windows 8 drivers? I hated Windows 8, so am not wishing to go against the advice given, just curious

    Thanks once more

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    My CPU is an Intel Quad Core 2 Q6600
    Old 65nm generation (1066MHz FSB) however it will work; note the 105W TDP.
    Intel(R) Core™2 Quad Processor Q6600 (8M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB) Product Specifications

    1. Download the manual and read it, no UEFI at all. So the boot SSD must use MBR partitioning scheme to boot OS, the data HDD can be GPT part'ed with single 3TB partition.

    2. Not sure whether F8 will work; if not you can change boot order in bios.

    3. Except soundchip & graphics, generic Win10 drivers should be OK. For Unknown Devices, use either Win7 ones or search for newer drivers using their PnPIDs. For graphics and sound, download & install the latest drivers.

    4. Neither Win8.x nor Win10 drivers at P5K Deluxe/WiFi-AP Driver & Tools | Motherboards | ASUS Global page.
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    Thanks so much, again very much appreciated - just a few queries, if I may? - Regarding the processor, do you mention this aspect to ensure I've got proper cooling? If so then yes, I binned the stock cooler and a further one subsequently, I'm still rummaging in my atic for the precise make/box for the cooler on the mobo at present. Keeping the temperature down was a pita but I managed to sort it - hoping I can sort in the new case with a few fans, strategically placed

    1. This was my main question, thank you so much, you've answered me perfectly. I bought this mobo in god knows when (2007, I think lol) and has served 2 pc's and several OS's - I have the original manual which I am studying as I speak It was and still is a superb mobo - the best attributes being its 2 x RAID Controller abilities - I've made full use of them but this time round, I won't have to phaff with a driver install at the time I install the main installation as I'm only installing 2 drives - ohh happy days I was actually able to simply move my RAID drives when I installed Windows 10 on my current machine, without any setting up or having to install special drivers! How things have progressed. But the P5K Deluxe was and hopefully still is fit for purpose in this modern world. After experiencing slow boot times before on Windows 7 for a couple of years, I managed to clone my boot hdd to a new SSD and it dramtically speeded things up. That SSD is now in my new machine as a storage drive, housing my Lightroom Catalogue files (I do a bit of photography) and is sitting alongside my NVMe boot drive and a NVMe 2TB storage drive (the latter stores all my photos and vids). I'm looking forward to seeing how my new build will stack up. My son doesn't do anything other than playing music files, streaming Netflix videos and other Office stuff, so I figure the old Quad Core 2, will be up to the job, as it certainly was up to last November and much much more. I may overclock it a bit as it was, as I recall, a good overclocker.

    2. I'll experiment, I'm sure F8 will sort.

    3. I'm installing a Nvidia Geforce GTX 4GB - it served me well and I can easily download those drivers - the 7.1 sound is in-built, but I've found what I need on the Asus site now, thanks to your help.

    4. Stupid me

    Thanks again for taking so much interest - I feel sure I shall have other questions as I progress

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    Glad to help.

    Regarding the processor, do you mention this aspect to ensure I've got proper cooling?
    Yes, an adequate cooler is needed. Furthermore, your PSU must be sufficient for CPU + graphics (+ other parts).
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