For a kiosk user running ShellLauncher with custom .NET desktop app i would like to set the keyboard layout to be different than the default input locale. The kiosk user needs a danish keyboard layout (with US language). The default input locale is set to en-US.
The problem is that an administrator should be able to log on to the system using a usb keyboard and using the en-US keyboard layout (otherwise password cannot be entered). The kiosk user uses only an on-screen keyboard layout which should be danish.
In the image creation process i used <InputLocale>en-US;da-DK</InputLocale> in unattend.xml (sysprep) which configures the two keyboard layouts in windows, but i have no way to select the danish layout for the kiosk user and US layout for the Admin.
I am using Windows 10 Iot ENT LTSB 2016.
Who has a solution for this? I was thinking about some kind of logon script to set the keyboard layout, but i do not know how to create such a script.

- - - Updated - - -

The kiosk user can not select the keyboard layout itself since the ShellLauncher makes sure the .NET application is the only active shell. No taskbar is available and the keyboard filter is used to make sure the kiosk user can not start anything outside of the active application.
This means the keyboard layout has to be selected soemhow for this kiosk user. The question is how?