System: Lenovo Yoga 2 1051 Type ZOBE s/n: HA0DGA3W (Tablet) -
O\S : Windows 10 32bit
System Memory: 32 Go

Background: The objective was to reinstall Windows 10 using the «RESET» function.

Intent: [INDENT]The idea of reinstalling was to integrate the version 1909 update. All previous updates (17??, 1803, 1903, etc) had failed. Each time, I ended up simply reinstalling the latest version of Windows 10. The latest version contained the recent updates. I decided to use the «Reset» function.

What happened :
Everything seemed to be going well, but suddenly there was an error message (not enough time to jot it down): the installation could not be done. Then another message (too quick to be noted). Then the dotted circle and the message «undoing changes made to your portable computer» This is where it is stuck. I left the procedure run for 18 hours and it still was stuck.

The tablet can be turned off, but when it is turned back on, it immediately picks up at the same spot: dotted circle going around + message «undoing changes made to your computer».

I had prepared a usb installation media/ repair key, but the tablet will not read it. I can get into the BIOS with the intention of changing the BOOT order, but it's impossible. The BOOT MENU in the BIOS has only one option: «Windows Boot Manager». When I click on that single option, the tablet goes into the stuck routine: «undoing changes made to your portable computer»

That's not all: the bluetooth keyboard is not communicating with the tablet. It is not responding at all. I can connect a USB keyboard to the tablet, but that doesn't give me any more options.

Is there any way that I can recover this tablet? Thank you!