Upgrade from Win7 fails - error 'Replicate_OC' 0x8007001F  

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    Upgrade from Win7 fails - error 'Replicate_OC' 0x8007001F

    HI GUYS! ( Long time no speak! )
    I spent a LOOONG day at work some time ago trying to upgrade a Win 7 Pro machine (Lenovo desktop).
    The machine was delivered with the standard downgradable package and I installed Win 7 Pro, since it would have been the only Win10 machine in the office, and it was acting as fileserver for the rest of the office.

    All the other machines are now running win 10 (or have been replaced) so the time has come to get this one up to WIN10.
    During the course of that day and another I tried multiple times to install Win 10 from a USB stick, with no success - every time, it gave me the above error (or a minor variation of it).
    The same stick was used to upgrade another machine later - so I know the USB was OK.
    Since the machine was built for Win 10, and there's no new hardware attached, I can assume that there should be no problem with the hardware (it runs Win 7 perfectly, and hasn't blue-screened ever as far as I know).

    Can anyone offer some insight as to what I'm doing wrong?

    Is there a trick with Lenovos? ( I see that there are a few horror-stories around, but they mostly seem to revolve around machines built for Win 7)

    A clean install is pretty much a no-no, as the machine is in use 5 days a week, 9-10 hrs a day (and I'm not going to work nights or weekends) - and there's a large quantity of data on it that would need to be transferred over the internal network and checked, and then transferred back and rechecked. The necessary rebuild would take more than a day in any case

    Last time I tried the upgrade it took an overnight copy session to push the data across to a relatively empty drive on another machine. as backup in case of disaster - I can do that again, but it's a PITA!
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Diagnosing upgrade failures is proving next to impossible- there are threads running on for days looking at the log files- which you are free to do of course.

    Windows 10 Update keeps failing with error 0x8007001f - 0x20006
    offers a pretty standard (i.e. non-specific, boring) set of approaches.

    - more specific - note the comment about driver incompatibility.

    One following answer is interesting too:
    I have seen many failures in upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 over the web. I have also tried many suggestions to no success until I found one of the suggestions to upgrade using the specific Windows 10 build 1607 from this link.

    SOLUTION: Windows 10 upgrade failure 0x8007001F – 0x20006 | Triple-S Computers Blog – Louisville, KY computer repair specialist

    I used this link to get the specific Windows 10 build 1607.
    TechBench by WZT (v4.1.1)
    (Better to use the Heidoc iso downloader)
    Thereafter, I checked for updates and upgraded to build 1903 and build 1909 successfully.
    Here someone did an in-place repair of Win 7:
    Windows 10 Upgrade error - 0x8007001F

    Standard preparatory recommendations include checking the disk, running chkdsk, uninstalling 3rd party security, checking for free space. I assume you've done that.

    I assume SP1 is installed at least- that's a requirement.

    I don't know how you initiated the upgrade: sometimes may help if you perform a clean boot, then manually upgrade using the iso file without choosing to accept updates.

    Upgrade to Windows 10
    - the section around 'Resolve Upgrade Errors' and links from linked pages.
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    Thanks for the quick come-back!
    Yes, I tried pretty much everything in your suggestion list - but I may not have tried the full 'clean-boot' scenario.

    Certainly, the machine is only using MSE/Defender - and only ever has done since ripping out the pre-installed Norton before if got the chance to do any damage on delivery

    The machine was fully updated at the time - and was kept so until MS pulled the plug (and beyond), and new definitions for MSE are still installed.
    DiskClean was run - in both normal and update-removal modes.

    I ran SFC before attempting the upgrade first time - and again later, and both time it came back as nothing found.
    CHKDSK was OK (at least on /F - I didn't run /R)
    I even ran CheckSURT, which came back with nothing

    My current theory is that it's possibly a case of Lenovo screwing with the positions of the partitions. I'll have to try and remote into it and see if I can spot something that might help in that respect. Then I have to get to the office to try out any theories in the real world

    I just tried to download a Win7 ISO/USB from MS - and the only Key that I have handy for it comes back as being OEM, so they redirect me to the manufacturer - fat chance that Lenovo are going to give me a Win 7 installer at this point! (I don't think it came with any disks, and I don't recall making any... it was almost 5 years go, after all! - beside which it'd end up doing a clean install, which is what I'm trying to avoid!)

    Thanks again :)
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Hi, if you need a copy of Win 7:
    Upgrade from Win7 fails - error 'Replicate_OC' 0x8007001F-1.png

    The idea was a repair install (too long since I used Win 7 for me to remember how..). SP1's available too.

    Several in the article I cited report success after that:
    SOLUTION: Windows 10 upgrade failure 0x8007001F – 0x20006 | Triple-S Computers Blog – Louisville, KY computer repair specialist

    You may not have tried the idea of upgrading to build 1607 as was mentioned in my previous post.
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    Funnily enough - I started downloading that earlier (just after I posted last time) - but I don't know if it's going to help, as I'd probably have to use a crack for it to activate (unless I can persuade Win 10 to install into an unactivated machine?).

    Downgrades from Win 10 don't get a COA Key for Win 7 - it's all done by OEM_SLP Keys and SLIC tables

    The upgrade to 1607 may well be worth trying - I'll try and get it after the heidoc version finishes downloading (I'm on a phone link, rather than landline!)
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    Windows 10 Pro X64 21H1 19043.1503

    What I would do.

    1. Make an image backup of the current drive you are going to install to using Macrium Reflect to an external USB attached hard drive.
    2. Disconnect everything except a mouse, keyboard, display and the hard drive you will be installing to, EVERYTHING.
    3. Clean install Windows 10, skip entering the key when asked, you can enter the Windows 7 key later if it actually installs okay.

    If it does install, you should end up with the latest version which is 19041 2004. Now you need to decide if you can live with the clean install or if you want to restore the Windows 7 image and try another upgrade install with everything disconnected. If it were me I would stay with the clean install, activate it with the Windows 7 key then install the software that is needed. More work but you end up with a cleaner system.
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    Yeah - that's my fall-back option (of last resort!)

    I'm pretty convinced that it's either a driver incompatibility, or something to do with the partitioning - I'll have to remote into it and install a partition manager to check that, I think.
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    Windows 10 Pro X64 21H1 19043.1503

    Re-read the thread and I see why a clean install would be the absolute last thing you would want to do.

    My main reason for suggesting it is to see if the Lenovo will accept a clean install. If it does that eliminates hardware as the possible source of the problem. If it does then your restore the Macrium image and work on eliminating software. I would do the same thing though, disconnect absolutely everything possible leaving just the mouse, keyboard, display and single hard drive. See if the upgrade works that way.

    I would download a new ISO and not make a USB flash drive at all. Instead, install WinCDEmu which allows you to mount the ISO as a virtual DVD. Then you run setup.exe from there. Clean, fast and no problems with flash drives. See if that works for you.

    If still problems, try this: Perform a clean startup to determine whether background programs are interfering with your game or program, Here you may need a USB flash drive as WinCDemu will not be running.
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    I get your reasoning, and the methodology.
    I'll have to look into it, as it turns out that the oldest Win10 build I can download currently is 1809 🙄😕
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Try Heidoc iso downloader. As per tutorial..

    Upgrade from Win7 fails - error 'Replicate_OC' 0x8007001F-untitled.png
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