idgat said:
My default method of installation, anywhere, anytime, all the time
- no internet connection (even when prompted 2x during the process, and Windows dire warning that nothing will work and the world will end if I don't connect ...)
- no license key (I don't have one option)

Makes the installation process s-o-o-o much quicker without Windows going off and trying to do its bells-and-whistles thing during the installation process

Windows may have to install generic drivers (e.g. your display mightn't be as crisp as you'd expect until the internet is connected and drivers updated automatically)

Then, after completion, connect to the net, (sign in/up with MS account if needed/wanted), and manually insert a key.
Thank you @idgat. This was exactly what i was hoping i could do.
Thanks for all the answers Kyhi, TarikuOkami, RoadBlaster and NavyLCDR