I know it is a PITa but a clean install in the end will be faster and likely yield a better foundation.

If you Image your Win 7 with a good third party imaging tool should it not work you can restore. This is one tool a number of members use.

Backup and Restore with Macrium Reflect

Make and test rescue media to complement your backup.

A month ago all I did on a clean install was key in the product license code and finished the install.

This is the site's clean install.

Clean Install Windows 10

If you want to continue to have a Local id, and not use a Microsoft id, do the initial install disconnected from Internet. Once you logged in once connect to Internet. Once you connect to Internet it will again try to get you to use an MS id. Just close the page.

Give Windows a little time to do upgrades, it will find lots and it will do a good job on setting up your drivers.

Did you try removing all old software / printers and AV's. It helps when you are upgrading, if you still wish to pursue that path.