Windows 10 gets stuck loading after 1903 upgrade

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    Windows 10 gets stuck loading after 1903 upgrade

    Hi There,

    I upgraded my machine to update 1903 after receiving a message that Microsoft is dropping support for the previous 1809 version. However it now gets stuck at the loading screen with the spinning icon.

    I did note that on the initial restart I was able to login successfully, after this it stopped working.

    Here's what I've tried so far:
    - Booted into to safe mode. This worked however it didn't fix logging into regular mode.
    - Looking for a system restore point. There weren't any.
    - I recall trying the same upgrade within the last few months and it also didn't work - at that time I performed a System restore back to the previous version.

    If there's any advice on how this can be fixed or whether the a reset of the PC is required it would be much appreciated.
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    Hi, You might try a clean boot - which you can configure when in Safe Mode- then try booting to normal mode again.
    (Google Clean boot if unsure, or see the tutorial here).
    You may have an incompatible or problem program installed- a clean boot might help, assuming the upgrade completed.

    You've not stated any details about your PC (see 'My computers' under my post for comparison).
    How old is your PC- did it initially come with Win 10- is it supported and approved for Win 10?

    First System Restore is completely irrelevant when considering an upgrade which replaces system files and makes significant changes. It is unfortunate that people remain confused about this. It is only applicable- when it does succeed in restoring- within a given build.

    MS - as it should- deletes restore points from the previous build- and usually disables SR after an upgrade.

    Think: SR saves some system files from build 1809, and registry and drivers. You upgrade to build 1903.You cannot downgrade using a SR point. If your 1809 SR point remained, you would replace some drivers and some system files for 1903 with those from 1809. Not meaningful- so SR cannot be used to downgrade.

    The following possibilities exist to revert to a previous build:
    a. 'Go back to the previous build' via Advanced Startup options. By default this exists for up to 10 days. It will only be available if Windows.old exists.

    Either: Boot your PC from a Win 10 install medium, click Repair your computer, navigate through the prompts and see if that option is available to you.

    Or: SHIFT + Left click any Restart button and follow the prompts to Advanced Startup options and look for 'Go back to the previous build' via Advanced Startup options.

    Tutorial available.

    b. Restore 1809 from a disk image you created before upgrading. tenforums again and again tirelessly recommends the routine use of disk imaging - e.g. Macrium Reflect (free/paid) + large enough external storage for image files.

    That's how you give yourself a second chance and avoid days of struggling wth technical help in some cases - and a full backup- to get back to a previous good state.
    Before you attempted the upgrade did you:
    - check your disk
    - use e.g. chkdsk c: /scan from an admin command or powershell prompt
    - disable any 3rd party security software
    - remove any unnecessary peripherals
    - check you have at least 30Gb free on C:
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    Hi Agodalchina,

    Thanks you for your information.

    - I've successfully rolled back the update.
    - My disk has enough space.
    - The chkdsk utility didn't show any errors.

    It now allows me to upgrade straight to 1909. I'll try this following your guidelines above.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Note that 1909 is subject to the well-known file explorer search bug. 1903 is ok.

    You may have better luck upgrading manually- download an iso, rt click it, Mount it, run setup.exe in the new drive created.

    1903 iso: e.g. via
    Heidoc iso downloader

    Also simplifies upgrade if you don't accept updates during the upgrade- do that later. Lower risk.
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    I used the Heidoc iso downloader to get a copy of 1903 on a USB stick. The result was the same: it booted fine on the first restart but got stuck on subsequent restarts on the spinning icon. I've restored back to 1803, the whole process took ~2 working days.

    I also tried the repair option but it wasn't able to repair anything.

    Options I'm aware of now are:
    - Wait on 1803 for a new version to come out.
    - Try upgrade to 1909 (1-2 working days).
    - Reset the PC.

    PS: I've added some of my PC specs.
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    Windows 11 Pro X64 22H2 22621.1848

    What anti-virus/firewall are you using? If other than Windows Defender, uninstall it/them.

    You also have mis-matched RAM 32GB G.Skill Fortis F4-2400C15D-16GFT 16GB (2x8GB) 2400MHz DDR4. I would suggest removing either the 32GB DIMM or the two 16GB DIMMs and see if that makes a difference. Are they all on the Vendor qualified list?

    Also, if you are doing any over-clocking, CPU, VIdeo or RAM, remove it, put everything back to nominal then try the install again.
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