Hi all,

As per my title, when I burn the downloaded Windows 10 ISO to a DVD, it won't boot. It shows the blue squares but right about where the spinning circle would appear, the system reboots.

I have the Windows 10 Pro English x64 ISO (2 of them, actually). I downloaded them with the Media Creation Tool.

I have successfully installed the upgrade to Windows 10 (was 8.1 originally) so that's not the problem. I'm trying to create a bootable Windows 10 DVD for a later clean install or to boot into a 'Repair Windows' environment.

I originally had 3 downloads of the ISO thinking that the one before it may have been corrupt but I have evidently lost one. I still have two of them, like I said.

Here are the details of the 2 ISO images:

1st image:
File name: Windows_10_x64-01.iso:
File size in Windows 10 - 3,255,232 KB
File size reported with MD5/SHA-256 generator - 3,333,357,568 Bytes
MD5 - 1512A193E2CC66B1BF77D7EB61B04BED
SHA-256 - 5608001DCFF547163AEE1BAE17324635497A44452AAE4C9D3DEB30C922896BF9

2nd image:
File name: Windows_10_x64-02.iso:
File size in Windows 10 - 3,255,232 KB
File size reported with MD5/SHA-256 generator - 3,333,357,568 Bytes
MD5 - 635362D3FEE6222D5C2CBCB6110D831A
SHA-256 - 1110BD290E54BF4C6E414E28B26D03F01A8E621126F71399F69A0FB710AD967C

As you can see, the file sizes are exactly the same, reported with 2 different methods, but the MD5 and SHA-256 hash values are different.

Which one is the right one? Evidently neither one because they both act exactly alike when burned to a DVD. Like I mentioned, they will boot to where you see the blue squares then reboot about when the spinning circle should appear.

I have burned the images to DVDs 3 different ways, with the Media Creation Tool, with ImgBurn, and with the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool.

I have used 2 brands of DVDs.

I don't believe the DVD media or the 3 burning apps are the problem. I've made bootable Windows 8.1, Acronis True Image, and Windows 7 DVDs on the same media and with the various burning apps. Yes, I am burning an image and not just burning the files to a DVD.

Wasting DVDs trying to figure this out? About 8 so far.

Does anyone have the proper MD5/SHA-256 hash values for the 'good' Windows 10 ISO image?

I've Googled quite a bit and you would think the Microsoft page that hosts the file would list it, but it doesn't.

BTW, the file named Windows_10_x64-01.iso is the one I mounted and successfully installed the upgrade with.

Thank you for any assistance.