Hi All,

So i have an existing Desktop PC where my documents, pictures, Music and a few other folders are on my D:\Drive under a folder called Onedrive, which effectively syncs with the cloud and has been working a treat for amany months.

I have recently bought a Surface Pro 7 and added a 256GB Micro SD card that I want to make my D:\Drive on the Surface. I used move location of my documents, downloads, pictures and videos to microsd card.

Now I want to get onedrive to sync any work i do from the microsd card to the cloud. But I am not entirely sure how to do that right now.

Onedrive seems to have decided its in the c:\Users\***** folder, but i want to have it point to the folder on the microsd card

What is the best way of making this happen please? if its even possible at all

Thanks in Advance